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Thread: Am I too late?

  1. Basic1 Am I too late?

    Theres a girl I knew since 6 grade and we were friends throughout 6th grade and we flirted with eachother alot but never really wanted a relationship, unfortunately, come 7th grade we kind of stopped talking and really seeing eachother at school. The school year passes while im talking to a different girl but she was in 8th grade while I was in 7th so near the end of 7th grade I move on and I winded up liking the girl again. Summer flies by and school started, I still like her and I have been flirting with her with the intentions of asking her out. Am I too late?

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    Just ask her, what's there to lose if you two barely talk anyway?

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    dont dip your toes in the water, just cannonball it

    like Death; said, you've got nothing to lose

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    Yup, just go for it. That's what i'd do anyway.

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    Don't forget confidence.

    peaches love confidence.

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    I personally feel as though you're too young to really worry about this so much anyway, so just go for it. Blow that peach's mind!

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    It's never too late.

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    Go for it. What's the worst that can happen? She says no? Not so terrible.

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    Just ask.. If she says no, it`ll be awkward for a few days but since you don't talk anyway what difference does that make?

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    7th grade? You kidding me?

    Ask her over to your house to play some Mario Kart and beat the pomegranate out of her. It's not about winning, it's about making her lose.

    You're welcome.



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