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    My first experience with Maple Story was in October 2007 when I was addicted for about a month before the difficulty in gaining levels started frustrating me (I am the casualest of casual gamers, heh) and I gave up at about level 32. I lost the log in for that character and forgot all about the game.

    For whatever reason a few weeks back I got an itch to play again, and while the game obviously still has issues I was pleasantly surprised to find leveling up had become easier. I've also dragged an online friend of mine into the game and we're having fun. I like that there's a MMO in 2D and the graphics remind of Super Nintendo, haha.

    I came across Southperry because it's one of the only MS forums not blocked by my company (in an effort to stop people from playing java games anything involving games whatsoever triggers the filter) and made for some interesting reading during slow periods. I like the maturity level here compared to other forums I've come across, so decided it's a nice place to lurk for updates.

    And now, since who can resist filling out a form:

    Age: 29
    Location: Maryland, USA
    When I started playing Maple & what server: 2007, and both then and now my server is Windia.
    Other Games I play: Sims 3, Pokemon EVERYTHING, Harvest Moon EVERYTHING, Animal Crossing, and the old Creatures series are favorites.
    Where I heard about SP: Google!
    Three interesting facts about me are (Disclaimer: Facts being interesting not guaranteed):

    1) I collect ball-jointed dolls.
    2) I just bought my first home this year.
    3) I have a bobtail Siamese named Jazzy.

    And now, back to lurking. :)
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  2. aka ClawofBeta Straight Male
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    IGN: ClawofBeta
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    Default Re: Hi, I'm PinkTanuki

    Welcome to Southperry, the land of chinchillas, pineapples, and opossums :3.

  3. Default Re: Hi, I'm PinkTanuki

    Indeed Welcome!! WARNING:There are a abnormal number of rainbow colored equestrian equines on this site.

    Congrats on the first house btw.

  4. Default Re: Hi, I'm PinkTanuki

    I'm a fan of both the original MLP and the new, so the ponies don't bother me. :) I collect Rainbow Dash stuff as she's my favorite.

  5. Default Re: Hi, I'm PinkTanuki

    ...Just wait till you meet the rest of us. We're a bunch of crazy nutcases talking nonstop pony. (And 2,5k posts justify that.) Also, as a little history, Corn over there does the official welcome wagon, so your thread has been graced by his presence, haha.

  6. Electron Male
    IGN: Dueldoggy
    Server: Bellonova
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    Job: Smackin stuff
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    Alliance: Noty

    Default Re: Hi, I'm PinkTanuki


    I have nothing funny or clever to say.

  7. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Default Re: Hi, I'm PinkTanuki

    Welcome to Southperry, PinkTanuki! I used to think Flower was a girl until he grew up. Not sure if to declare him my first "trap" or not.

    You should join our group/thread then.

  8. Default Re: Hi, I'm PinkTanuki

    Lol another marylander, surprising. Where did you buy your house?

  9. Spirit of the Arrow Bi Female
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    Server: Windia
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    Guild: KoopaForce
    Alliance: KoopaEmpire

    Default Re: Hi, I'm PinkTanuki

    I have read your introduction and I have decided...

    I like you!


  10. In my dreams... Gay Male
    IGN: CalmSonata
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    Guild: Kinetic/Ceremonials
    Alliance: Southperu
    Farm: GagaVille

    Default Re: Hi, I'm PinkTanuki

    Welcome to Southperry! Seems like you'll fit in wonderfully.

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    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

    Cecil County, near the Delaware border.

  12. Default Re: Hi, I'm PinkTanuki

    I'm in Annapolis, a little ways from you, so don't worry, stalking you is too far out of my way .

  13. Default Re: Hi, I'm PinkTanuki

    You would quickly find I am too dull to stalk anyway, but I am quite relieved!

  14. Default Re: Hi, I'm PinkTanuki

    You like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing and Pokemon, and you like Rainbow Dash.

    I already love you.



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