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    This kinda flew under my radar for a while, but I haven't exactly seen a whole lot of it being mentioned.

    Upcoming Changes to the Tribunal

    Basically, the web team will be implementing a lot of new features and stats tracking related to your ability to punish and pardon accurately. Some of these include streaks of cases where you judged accurately, some will include how many days of toxicity you prevented (cumulative days in bans). And of course, the almighty Justice Rating, which has a similar function as elo, except it isn't used in a competitive nature in any way, nor does it influence what cases you get.

    Getting streaks of cases judged correctly will result in bonus rewards. Skip-spamming to find the easy cases will result in you breaking your streak (currently at 5... per day?).

    Lyte has repeatedly said that these changes are part of an experiment run by the PB&J (Player Behavior and Justice) team, and it's too soon to tell what direction such an experiment will take at its conclusion. As part of the experiment, everyone gets hard-reset back to judging 20 cases per day (15 was the previous default). Judging accurately will grant you additional cases to judge per day. In addition, starting in October, they're completely removing the IP bonus for judging cases accurately. They may incorporate rewards unique to Tribunal participation, and if so, the ones I foresee as most likely will be purely cosmetic ones.

    Team PB&J wants to create a ladder ranking system that lists the top X contributers to the Tribunal system. I'm wondering if this is really necessary. While it is nice to bask in the glory of being a paragon of fairness, some people fear that it may become the hit list for those that believe they were wrongfully punished.

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    After using the new Tribunal yesterday, I found it incredibly disheartening how lenient the voters actually are (example case that was pardoned: My accuracy on reviewing cases was something like 65%. They took down the justice reviews so I can't see the actual number but I thought I had a much higher accuracy rating cases than that. :(

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    Default Re: Tribunal Changes: Now with Elo

    1) I wonder how many less people we'll have doing this due to no IP gain

    2) @Throes ... avatar too cute :O



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