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  1. Default Definitive KMS Phantom changes/nerfs

    Okay. I keep trying to find info about what really changed with Phantom at the Tempest update. The only universal changes I can find are the ones posted to blogs:

    Phantom‘s skills received a small nerf.

    •Judgement (beginner): Fortune Card’s effect has been increased from 5% critical chance to 10% (upgraded Fortune Card’s effect has been increased from 10% critical chance to 20%)
    •Talent of Phantom Thief I/II/III/IV: there is now a 30 second cooldown in between changing skills
    •Blanc Carte (2nd): damage has been decreased from 160% to 140%
    •Acute Sense (3rd): critical chance boost has been decreased from 50% to 30%
    •Soul Steal (4th): cooldown has been increased from 60 to 120 seconds
    •Pray of Aria (4th): damage boost has been decreased from 30% to 20%
    •Tempest of Card (4th): cooldown has been increased from 12 seconds to 18 seconds
    •Ultimate Drive (4th): damage has been decreased from 130% to 120%
    •Twilight (4th): damage has been decreased from 600% to 450%
    •Noir Carte (4th): damage has been decreased from 220% to 200%

    and Rapid Fire taking a hit from 330% to 300%.

    That amounts to a range difference of 10% (from Pray of Aria/Aria Amour), 20% base critical loss, and ~10% difference in skill percentages. Aside from the 30s Impeccable Memory cooldown that's not so bad.

    Then there's the other stuff that I haven't been able to find a definitive source for.

    •Cane Multiplier changed from 1.3x to 1.1x
    This would affect range considerably.

    •Percentage and duration changes to Impeccable Memory/Talent of Phantom Thief.
    This is the one I really want to talk about. From what I can tell, the duration of stolen skills has been reduced by ~30-50%. That's okay, just means I have to buff more. But what about percentage changes? JoeTang said that he tested some magic skills and they ended up being approximately 77% of the damage they should have done, as well as DoT. I have not been able to find anyone else to confirm this nerf. So I have a bunch of questions:
    1. Is this a straight reduction of skill damage %s, in addition to the other nerfs?
    2. Does this affect all stolen attacks equally? (i.e. Rapid Fire, Chain Lightning, Dragon Strike)
    3. Does this affect buffs the same way? (i.e. Sharp Eyes reduced to ~15% crit chance and ~23% max crit dmg; Dark Harmony only adds ~31att)

    I've heard rumors that a phantom's range got basically halved post-nerf, from ~50k to ~26k, but the only source I can find for that is Nexon Forums, which is a totally and completely reliable source of information.

    So any definitive information, preferably independent of JoeTang's findings, would be really nice. I also need a myth check on the cane multiplier change, since that is pretty big news and would probably be noted in patch notes.

    TL;DR - Exactly how badly did Phantom get nerfed? Are there changes that aren't noted in extractions and patch notes?

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    I believe Casper (@Imitazion;) should be able to give you a good answer about how those changes actually are in the overall gameplay, as if I recall correctly, he has a pretty nice Phantom on KMS and has experienced those changes. :O

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    I believe several people asked this guy about the Phantom nerf?

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    Phantom will get rebuffed coming summer, as every nerfed class has been.

    Also, since I dont care about damage, this will only hit the NX players.
    Also, for damage, just go that ballerina class, which does 100m each hit...

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    Default Re: Definitive KMS Phantom changes/nerfs

    If you take hyper skills into account:
    Crit rate is the same while you have judgement draw crit in effect.
    Mille itself went from 130% to 120% but there's a hyper skill that buffs it by 20% so overall buff.
    Aria is nerfed by 10% but a hyper skill gives you 10% damage so these cancel (or possibly result in very minor buff if they multiply).
    Carte noir's nerf matches mille's buff in per-attack damage.
    Stolen skills stuff: IDK if JoeTang toke this into account, but Aria doesn't affect magic skills (My CL damage is the same with and without the buff, I tested before Arkarium one day). 77%*1.3 = ~100% which MIGHT mean he just used a range with aria on? (*Hopes this is the case)

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    No, I did all my damage testing with a low level Cane and no buffs on. Any stolen attacking skill did 77% of its rated damage. My Phantom is KMS, so it cannot have 1.3x from Aria since Aria only gives 1.2x at max, and my Aria is at level 10, as is my Talent of Phantom. The only nerf for Talent of Phantom for buffs is 60% duration.

    The 6858 is the damage over time from Paralyze, which is level 10/30 and does 140%.

    6858/6368 / 1.4 = 0.769, ~77%. I did extensive testing with attacking before, and found that this also affected the hits of Paralyze. To confirm that this isn't a discrepancy from the level of Talent, I tested with Magic Claw 20/20, and I got the same results, where with the same range, I could only hit upwards of 5700, Magic Claw does 130%, 5700 / (6368 * 1.3) = 0.688 ~ 0.9 * 0.77, I have very low Ambition and no defense ignore unless Aria is passive. I can also confirm that Aria most definitely affects my magic damage as with it, my Magic Claw hits over 6k.

    I can also confirm that the cane multiplier is still 1.30, I counted 130 (132 if you do the math) weapon attack in this screen shot, missing something from Character Cards that I'm not adding.

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    this literally has nothing to do with anything

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    The nerf was so bad, that I stopped playing until I heard about hyper skills.

    Before the nerf, I could finish v2's in 25mins(35 left on the timer), after the nerf, I had trouble completing v2's.

    Hyper skills gave me a nice boost, now I finish v2's in 30.

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    Default Re: Definitive KMS Phantom changes/nerfs

    What was your range to finish v2's in 25 minutes before nerf?

    Also what was it about the nerf that gave you trouble? Insufficient range or something else?

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    So the range drop was that much of a killer huh..

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    Is this solely due to the phantom nerfs, or is it partially because of the fact that V2s aren't KBable? I recall you making a thread about that.

    I'd also be interested to know what the biggest difference was. To solo V2s in 25 minutes I'm guessing you used to cap with RF and ~400k with Mille Aiguilles on regular mobs, or have maxed willpower or something. What do you do now?

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    It was about 140k before the nerf, and they were KB'able.

    I'll post a technique video some day, to show how mobbers fight them efficiently post KB nerf.

    the break was solely because of the phantom nerfs; I used to do all bosses every day(czak, cht, akyrum, hilla, v2's, everything).

    I never hit cap on empress, but I did hit about 400k with "Mille". I did caps on HT(180% boss).

    I don't have a trait beyond 40.

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    For those with ridiculously high funding, the nerfs wouldn't make a difference, you just keep on the skills you'd need at all. This means no combo attack so the nerfs wouldn't mean much at all. The cd only applies when you switch in and out the skills you want to use like magic crash and combo atk which is a big one. Well rapid fire and SE too I suppose if you don't have enough funding to back it up.

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    How far did the nerf drop your range? Aside from the Aria -10% nerf I don't see what else would change it that much, unless the stolen skills nerf affects Combo as well.

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    123k or something, I don't remember.



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