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    Just released, they are cutting a lot of the bouncing titties out which I'm pretty okay with. At least I wont feel ashamed playing it now haha. Oh my god so excited. THIS UPCOMING SUMMER GUYS I'M CALLING IT.

    Also, updated talent tree;s and class combo's;

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    Pretty much describes my feelings:

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    *rubs hands together*

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    My reaction was far less appropriate. I'm dissapointed though, they aren't releasing the gunner yet, they have another new class they are putting in next patch for KBS (yeah korean blade and soul, so made that sh`it up@@).

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    But you don't know the manner of substance I rub them with now do you?!

    Too bad about the gunner, but then again it does not really fit into the frame I imagined when playing Magna Carta. All I want is a Gon Kung-Fu Master anyway.

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    Stuff is pouring from multiple cavities.

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    Please don't tell me this is going to be stupid amounts of money to play...

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    Korea is currently at $17 a month, but the first 6 months are free (last I checked)

    if you go here and look at "FAQ" it's stated the business plan hasn't been determined yet. But I do see it being as expensive as WoW if anything.

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    If the first 6 months are free, count me in. If it's a free month then $15/m like TERA, I won't be touching it. I just can't justify spending $60 on a video game then paying them an addition $15/m. I did it with TERA, and I regretted it.

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    Yea I hope you are right, paying for the actual game and then having to pay so much per month is what kept me off WoW, Terra etc. But if any game could make me do it, this is a pretty dang hot bet.

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    My only problem with paying for the game itself then having to pay monthly is that there's just no way for you to know for sure that you will enjoy the game. Especially for an extended period of time. You're paying at least $70 for something that you may not spend very long playing at all. I can agree that Blade and Soul is certainly a game that is more likely to make me do something like that, but I'd much more prefer something like GW2, pay for the game, and not have to pay again.

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    I've played the game, and I thought like you did, until I actually played it. It's truly going to revolutionize the MMO formula, it's flat out gorgeous.

    Recent video of the class I want

    Guildwars 2, also produced by NCsoft

    Look at the difference, these games were released within a year and it's WORLDS apart.

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    Did you just compare graphics quality through two random 720p videos? B&S uses Unreal engine 3, as does TERA. GW2 uses a proprietary engine and goes for a more painterly art style.

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    Gameplay. And what's the point of stating that, the game's artistic design is much different than tera, if you actually compare the two. Either case both games in my opinion haven't been able to hold a candle to the Martial Art aspect of this game. Such as the Qing Gong step.

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    You confused me by saying it's gorgeous.

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    I played the game during closed beta and it looks aesthetically pleasing. Unfortunately I didn't had the chance to play it on my new rig. Though, I can probably try it now since the Korean version has a server that offers you free gameplay up to a certain level.
    So I watched the West trailer and I noticed they put more clothes on the skimpy outfits.


    Korean version

    Western version

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    Yeah people are up in arms about it, I could care less, it's just skin lol

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    If I'm going to stare at a screen for several hours a day, it damn better have scantily clad women!

    In seriousness, nbd. Trailers never convince me of much but looks like a decent game.



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