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  1. Default Inner Ability Locks

    Has anyone used these? I've gotta start doing Aswan more on my Phantom and just remembered these things were in the Cash Shop.

    The description implies that the locks raise the rank of the IA up to either B or A, but I don't think that can be the case. Do they just freeze one line and let you circulate the other/s or does the lock simply freeze the rank, and regardless of which Circulator you use it stays at whatever rank it was previously?

    Considering using these if they're at all worth it in my quest to get 100% critical rate.

  2. Default Re: Inner Ability Locks

    You can freeze all 3 lines if you a got 3 A ranks with 1 lock per line. They don't actually lock the stat, it changes but stays A rank. I don't believe it even increases ranks either it stays that way. Then again I've only tested like 9-12 locks somewhere (all junk stats unfortunately).

  3. Default Re: Inner Ability Locks

    So, if I circulate to B/A rank, then lock that and use another circulator (any type) it'll hold the B/A rank of the locked line but refresh the stats on that rank and completely re-do the other line/s? That doesn't sound too bad.

  4. Default Re: Inner Ability Locks

    They can upgrade the ranks, and if it does get raised to S, you can't lock the line again. You'd have to go back and circulate till you get A rank again. I used about..40 I think and the rank was raised from A to S once.



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