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  1. Default Regarding Azwan nerf

    Does anyone know exactly when Azwan got nerfed in KMS? I've looked everywhere, but I came out with no luck. Can anyone help me out here?

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    Default Re: Regarding Azwan nerf

    Apparently it wasn't so much of a nerf, but a takedown of the world battle feature to make it work better or something, isn't kms re-released those modes recently?

  3. Default Re: Regarding Azwan nerf

    The original nerf removed all modes except supply and limited it to 5/day at 100 exp per day.

    It seems because the world-battle was never implimented in GMS, they never felt the need to remove the other modes, meaning we skipped the nerf alltogether.

    And yes, they recently reinstated the other modes for KMS.

  4. Default Re: Regarding Azwan nerf

    gMS, streamlining kMS since 2006.



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