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Thread: [Notice] Recent Bannings

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    Sounds good, I'm glad they are doing something.

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    I only see ad spamming as the reason for the ban, never anything else.

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    I approve of this.

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    At least this will scare some of the hackers somewhat.

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    They say hacking a lot as well. Just because a name is "fijhfiudfheufi"doesn't mean its automatically an ad spammer like everyone around here seems to think.

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    Is that true? Because I am sick of ditching parties in LHC because they are hacking and getting someone to reply back to me that I'm a fool because they don't ban people for that, which might actually be true considering that's been going on for months.

    BaMs have turned into the biggest trolls ever. There were like 20 CC'ing around fking up everyone's party during 2exp

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    This is probably referring to some of the bans in Scania (not sure about other worlds), like some known empress hackers and a few known duper resellers were banned too. I have yet to see anyone who didn't deserve it get banned, but there's always some collateral damage to be expected.

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    almost there Nexon, now just eliminate potential from GMS and you might have a decent game again

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    A couple of empress killers were banned in CYMK recently. About time they did something.

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    screw scaring the hackers, i hope this scares the -expletives- hacker-leech buyers.
    i can guarantee you that they ban actual hackers, a few well-known hackers have been banned as of lately, and even curryishott got himself banned (dunno if he hacked himself, nor do i plan to discuss it, but several people around him did.)

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    "You die as a hero or you live long enough to become a villain", lol.

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    Please bring some legitimacy back to maple. Ban some of the worst offenders and use them as a deterrent.

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    From what I can sort of see... When hackers gets banned, the hackers would give themselves a reason to come back and wreck the game. Should we hope those hackers won't come back with vengeance under a different IGN/IP or at least Nexon does something to prevent it?

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    o.o just noticed curry vanished from rankings

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    Well, seeing how there are some certain Basil threads that are "raging" because they got banned supposedly, I can say that it's working.

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    Glad this is happening finally. I remember his brother(bigboybiggun) was trying for rank 1 Mech spot back when it was released lol..using d/c hacks on everyone that was close.. Ending up getting himself banned Dont know if curryishott ever hacked but we will never know the answer to that nor do i care. Nexon step up the bannings !

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    I'm really happy by this, but I'd like to see more concrete evidence of it. And more examples of why people were banned.

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    some more than others. some though, were born villains



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