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    Default Mikhail and it's succesor.

    So we know that we can make an UA with this class.
    But I already made one with a CK. Question is:
    Can I make another one with Mikhail? Or is it abide to 1 UA per account?

  2. Default

    UAs are limited in quantity only by number of character slots.

  3. Default Re: Mikhail and it's succesor.

    You can make as many UAs as you want, You can even delete your CK and Mikhial and your UAs will still be around. Make another one, theres another UA for ya.

  4. Default Re: Mikhail and it's succesor.

    Seeing I just made an UA bucc with my 150 Mihile next to my UA NightLord.
    Yes, I confirm itīs possible.



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