I don't know if this applies to GMS or not...

When Future Henesys/Ereb was released in JMS last year, I hunted for several hours per day for several weeks, trying to get the Mutated Pig Familiar, but I only got one or two Dream Fragments for that entire time I hunted there (which was from level 161ish to 175ish).

Lately, I went to grind there for Maple Leaves and boxes during the 9th anniversary events on my Hayato and I've been there for 6 hours and have already gotten 5. They seem to be dropping once every hour (except for one hour that I was there, but I didn't stay the full hour, because I was too sleepy). This seems significantly different from last year.

Did the Dream Fragments really get such a huge drop rate increase, or am I just getting dumb luck? Was there anything from KMS that made the drop rate get increased? Is it due to the 9th anniversary events, with the new recipes and whatnot?