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Thread: Moving to kms!

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    hi guys im going to kms since ems... we all know.. anyays any sugestions for money making at start would be good .
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    How to make mesos:
    Pick up any mesos you see
    Loot monster drops
    NPC etc. items

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    There will always be 1-2 sec delay for you if you are located in europe.

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    its mroe for u guys? also im turkey(lets call it as east :P)

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    Are begging topics allowed?

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    sorry, anywyas is there any fast way to make money in kms? like craft? how much is 4% stat crafted shoes?

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    First of all you need to learn differences of korean symbols. Female symbol, male symbol, weapon attack, magic attack, potential ranks and the list goes on. Your best shot of saving money through potions would be by crafting them since kms doesnt have the cheap % potions. Ellinforest and should have some good guides to get you started, this forum doesnt have much information towards making money or learning korean.

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    ohh thanks i will sure have hard time with korean words :p

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    I think the way to earn mesos is usually the basics: looting, npcing, selling, etc. Once you do all that, try to learn the economy there and hopefully adjusts prices when you manage to start selling equips and such.



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