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    I have trouble to reset HP/MP back to main stat with the individual AP reset, are they glitched or AP reset from HP/MP is removed permanently?

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    You need your first job advancement required stat in order to use individual AP resets. This is the only time I've encountered an issue where they just wouldn't function, so I'm going to guess this is the issue you are having

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    Not really.... One was a DK, one was a BM and one was a Mech. All don't need second required stat and I am sure I have enough main stat for first job advancement. Plus I am sure I got more than enough MP to wash.

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    I think what he meant was 1st job advancement requirement. for example warriors need 35 STR I think it was, Thieves need 25 DEX and so on for the rest of the classes.

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    I understand what he meant, but all my char's main stat is the first job advancement's stat, that's why I said not because of the problem he mentioned.

    Edit: I just tested... the individual AP reset can reset first job advancement's stat on a thief when it wasn't used to be like that. I.e., I think Nexon copied part of the full AP reset's function. It might be why HP/MP can't be take out atm.
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