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    Figured it'd be an appropriate time to post now that the September Banlist is up.

    Of note:
    Future Fusion is Forbidden
    Brioniac is Forbidden
    Chaos Sorcerers and Inzektors are Limited
    Agent of Mystery is Semi-Limited (Was limited)

    really there are more but i'm already sick of typing this

    Personally, I'm excited that Agents are viable again and Inzektors, Wind-Ups and Dragons aren't going to assrape the metagame anymore, especially so with Inzektors which aren't even fun to duel. Brioniac being Forbidden sort of sucks all around, but c'est la vie.

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    I don't really play competitively anymore, but I still do occasionally collect still. I honestly have to admit, though, that if I did play, I'd hate this banlist, because I love Inzektors. Probably one of my most favourite archetypes to come out in the past few sets, although I cannot deny that they are quite... ridiculous? Yeah, let's go with that.

    Sometimes I play on that online dueling website, but I don't do it often; mainly because you basically just run into the same deck types over and over and it gets pretty boring quick.

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    Wind-Ups are definitely tier 1 again this format. The ability to drop Shock Master + 2-3 other Xyz Monsters on turn 1 is absolutely brutal. Honestly, I was going to run my Gem-Knight deck this format, but after its performance in my last two local tournaments, I think I will go back to my Agents of Darklord deck.

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    I still play YGO competitively if anybody wants to play. I'm assuming most people here uses DN (Dueling Network)..? I use YGOPro, which is an automated dueling system. Makes stuff so much easier. Anyways, hit me a PM for a Skype sn request if anybody feels like playing. I run a Stardust Assault deck and a couple Shooting Quasar and/or Red Nova decks.



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