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    Is the Premium percentage the chance of getting a item with Hidden Potential, or is that just a random chance?

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    Pretty sure it's the chance of the item coming out above average/with potential.

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    I want to say it's the chance that an item has to give double mastery since it stops displaying at crafting level 10 and because there's a premium chance on craftables that can't have potential/variable stats (like arrows). I could be wrong, though.

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    That would be diligence related.

    Yes it's the chance to produce an item with hidden potential.

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    Thats what i thought too, because if you had level 10 smithing you do not have a premium %, which would meen you could not get potential according to others.

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    Except Maple already has instances where it calls that Double Mastery Chance, and there's nothing premium about it, so yeah sure, it COULD be that, or instead we could think logically, and assume that's a blanket premium chance for all items, as it doesn't change from item to item at all.

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    So does this mean that the higher my crafting level, the greater the chance I have to get a Potential'd item?

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    That doesn't explain why the premium chance disappears completely at level 10.

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    display glitches are glitches man.

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    It doesn't disappear in kMS, which is how we know some level 10 crafts have less than 100% creation chance at level 10 (Either 90% or 95%). Well, that and people have failed them.

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    Oh, that's good to know. I just thought people inferred the chances of it happening. Is there a list of all the things that can fail at crafting level 10 along with their success rates? Also, what's the premium rate at level 10?



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