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    Default Mikhail's Soul Shields

    Can Mikhail's sub level 120 shields be unequipped? If so, is there any downside to it?

    Trying for round 2 on my 25atk Maple Shield and since I couldn't use it on my DS (Due to Demon Force being integrated into the shields), I wanted to see if I could actually use it for Mikhail this time around.

  2. Default Re: Mikhail's Soul Shields

    No, he can only use his Soul Shield. As you level, the Soul Shield will upgrade itself to the next one, as far as I can remember. So when you get to 70, the level 30 one is replaced automatically, etc.

  3. Default Re: Mikhail's Soul Shields

    Aren't Shields and the DS/Mihile shields treated differently? I'm not even sure what each is treated as anyway, I thought theirs were treated as secondary weapons, and regular shields are not?

    Either way, yes they can be removed as that's the only way to cube them, and I'm certain it's just like it is for DS, where you can't equip regular shields. I may be wrong though, so let's for another answer. I've set aside scrolls for my Mihile's shield, not that I'm hoping it is this way, though it would mean I could use my current shield instead if it were your way.

  4. Default Re: Mikhail's Soul Shields

    The Soul Shield is exactly the same as Demon Slayer's shields, from their stat gain per item level right down to the initial potential on the 120 shield. You can unequip it the same, you cannot wear a different shield. You can't scroll it, either.

    Both these shields are, well, shields. They aren't listed with weapons like Kataras and Magic Arrows and Cards, they're shields that are also able to have weapon potentials.

  5. Default Re: Mikhail's Soul Shields

    Right forgot about the lack of slots. Oversight on my part. Meh guess my Hero will get his own attack shield then and stop sharing with my Pally.



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