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Thread: Ghostperry

  1. Default Ghostperry

    Ever had a paranormal encounter? Been haunted by ghosts or goblins? Felt possessed by demonic entities?

    Share your story or views on this subject.

    Recently, I've been seeing a shadowy figure walk out of my bathroom door. The first couple of times I panicked, but as it became more frequent, I don't really pay much attention to it anymore. Happens once or twice a week, I've tried to find the source of the shadow, but there's nothing that could be causing it.

    Other past experiences have been seen red glowing eyes in my sister's room back in my old house and having something jiggle the doorknob and slam shut the door of my room.

    I don't really believe in this sort of stuff, I always try to find a reasonable explanation for this sort of events, but I just can't find a way to explain these things.

  2. Default Re: Ghostperry

    had an old television in the attic
    never plugged in never touched for around twenty years

    i brushed against the power knob (yes it was that old)
    and the damn thing turned on and started playing telemundo for about fifteen seconds.

    needless to say i noped the pineapple out of there.

    to this day i still have no pineappleing idea how the hell it even got power

  3. Default Re: Ghostperry

    I've never had personal experience with it myself, but when I was younger, I visited friends of my uncle who were big paranormal investigators. They had tons of images of apparitions and tons of stories about things that has happened to them. Along with that and every other thing I've witnessed second hand, I don't have any doubts that there is a such thing as energy signatures attached to the Earth - whether they're actual spirits of the dead or not. It's very apparent they exist. Some are intelligent, even, to a scary extent, but a lot of them are residual, meaning they're just like a tape playing over and over and over. Those ones are just plain creepy.

    I don't believe in demons or anything, though.

  4. Default Re: Ghostperry

    I've felt like my personality split into halves and started talking to me, but I'm 100% sure that was my faulty brain chemistry.

    Feel better, Loose. :(

  5. Default Re: Ghostperry

    Don't worry about it, I'm fine. My grandpa has always said, "Don't fear the dead, fear the living."

    I've seen nothing compared to what my brother and sister have experienced. They've seen creepier pomegranate.

  6. Default Re: Ghostperry

    I was thinking about this the other day...
    I don't believe in paranormal activity and, even though I've experienced something "unexplainable" I try to be reasonable and think "There's an explanation but I don't have the knowledge or the tools to find out what it was."
    My nightmares are so boring...

  7. Default Re: Ghostperry

    I've witnessed a demonic possession before. Literally was about a foot from the possessed person.

  8. Default Re: Ghostperry

    I've never experienced it nor do I believe in it but I want to because it makes some of the things I like to do much more exciting, like late night exploration of abandoned buildings.

  9. Default Re: Ghostperry

    Didn't see it, but a bunkmate woke up in the middle of the night during our recruit training phase and decided to listen to some music on his MP3 Player. He turns to face away from the dimly-lit corridor while lying down and sees the reflections of 3 sillhouettes dashing by at superhuman speed in the window in the direction he was facing. They then dashed by a few more times and he, for some reason decides to check to see whether they're ghosts or otherwise. He moves toward the door, it suddenly opens into his face as two other bunkmates (I must emphasize that they showed no signs of having been running around, according to the first bunkmate of mine) returned from the bathroom. The two of them swore they were walking, and saw neither whatever those things in the corridor were nor the bunkmate who went to check them out. Said bunkmate was majorly freaked out by the incident.

    As for me, I've never experienced paranormal activity. As to whether I believe it or not, for me the possibility remains; I will, however, wait for evidence of their existence.

  10. Default Re: Ghostperry

    never experienced anything super natural.

  11. Default Re: Ghostperry

    Nothing to do with ghosts, but something interesting I never really figured out:

    During a storm 7-8 years ago lightning hit the power line outside our house. The surge fried our VCR (it literally melted inside), but our T.V and Gamecube were fine . It looked like the VCR absorbed everything. A few weeks later, i was playing my Gamecube and there was a power outage. The lights and TV died.... but the Gamecube was still running (the power light was on). I dont think Gamecubes had battery backup or anything that would keep it going.

  12. Default Re: Ghostperry


  13. Default Re: Ghostperry

    How long did the power go out for? There are lots of products that can withstand short outages. My PS3 has continued running after a 30 second power outage. My home phone doesn't reset unless the power goes out for ~3 minutes. My microwave is the ultimate champ, staying alive for 5+ minutes into a power outage (not useable but the time didn't reset)

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    Default Re: Ghostperry

    Walking upstairs after turning off the light in the living room.
    My initial reaction:


    Other than that, nothing too unusual that happens in my house. We have like freaking 10 Holy crosses scattered around the house because my mom is super religious.

  15. Default Re: Ghostperry

    Been within 30 feet of an actual demon. (I call it a demon, cause I have no other explanation for it) and also, watched a ghost walk across the street, and vanish into thin air. My friend sat in silence with me and watched it too.

    So yeah, I believe in them.

  16. Default Re: Ghostperry

    Wow i totally thought this thread would be something entirely different.

    But no, i don't really believe in ghosts.

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    Default Re: Ghostperry

    When I was about 5 years old or so, I had a doll (with a battery in it) that would sing a song if you squeezed it. One night, when I was trying to sleep, the doll wouldn't shut up. I told my mom about it and she ripped the battery out, but the doll continued to sing despite there being no power to it. We ended up tossing it outside. It was raining outside, which made it much more creepy.

  18. Default Re: Ghostperry

    I was alone at home once and I had lunch in the microwave. I went off to go do some other things and when I came back, the plate was sitting outside the microwave.

    I've seen some pomegranate to be convinced that there are things that can't be explained logically.
    Whether or not they're ghosts, demons, or other paranormal things, I don't know.

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    Default Re: Ghostperry

    This. Every damn time.

    Personally, I've never experienced anything supernatural, though I'd like too.

    According to my parents however, my brother when he was really really young and when my family lived in a different house started screaming for my parents, when they went in to ask him what was wrong he said that a man had been standing in the doorway staring down at him in bed and had only disappeared when my parents had come in. It gives me chills just thinking about that.



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