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    Today, the TEPJF (Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judiciary) is evaluating the Mexican elections held on July 1st.

    There's a protest outside of the TEPJF.

    The TEPJF is surrounded with metal fences and grenadiers.

    Protesters are saying that their cellphone signals are blocked near the TEPJF.

    The army is asking the press to abandon the TEPJF.

    Police aren't allowing anyone to arrive at the TEPJF.

    Protesters have removed the metal fences surrounding the TEPJF.

    The magistrates just voted unanimously that the election was legal and there was no evidence to cancel the elections, declaring Enrique Peña Nieto the winner.

    There's no more "legal" way to stop the fraud. The institutes have failed.

    The next course of action is being discussed among citizens.
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    This is just sad how corrupt the government is. I wish you the best of luck.

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    Default Re: Mexican Rebellion

    this gives me the creeps, it gives me a feeling of "it going down"

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    "mexico is beyond saving and must be allowed to die" don't kill me it's a batman joke you pineapples :(

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    This pomegranate just got real. I'm somewhat disgusted that the RNC is completely overshadowing the news coverage of this. I really hope that I just missed it since I didn't catch NPR today.

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    AMLO calls for people to gather in the Zocalo of Mexico City, to define the next course of action. "Don't worry, the fight has just begun."

    PAN refuses to join civil disobedience.

    EPN arrives at the TRIFE by helicopter to receive the documents claiming his presidency. The women in crutches is his wife.

    Protesters across the country are standing at tollbooths, giving drivers a free pass.

    Organizations against the fraud are calling for civil disobedience, not pay bills and taxes, etc.

    Guards outside the TRIFE.

    Infiltrated protesters (confirmed) launched fireworks against the guards at the TRIFE and bottles at real protesters.

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    Default Re: Mexican Rebellion

    The second Mexican Revolution of some sort will take place soon if this keeps up.

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    That sort of thing is just disgusting on so many levels.

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    The PRI is overall disgusting.

    I've seen a video where some kids are doing graffiti all over the streets in which the protesters would march by, the camera man asks them why they're doing this and they explained that someone from the PRI paid them to do this, so that the protesters would be blamed for it.

    Then there's this idiot that's a member of the youth something of the PRI, pointing a gun at protesters from his balcony.


    He was apprehended, but was then released after just a slap on the wrist.

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    Can someone translate this? Seems like it would make it funnier, and I've only been taking Spanish for a month.

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    Gonna need some clarification for all the acronyms used...

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    PAN -> National Action Party
    PRI -> Institutional Revolutionary Party
    TRIFE -> part of the TEPJF (see post #1)
    AMLO -> Andrés Manuel López Obrador
    EPN -> Enrique Peña Nieto
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    This is getting really serious...
    Where I live, local governor (Which in fact is on the same party as AMLO) said he won't take part on EPN authority and instead gonna start a new goverment based on AMLOs principles. So yeah we are pretty much doomed here.

    Nevermind he just "approved" EPN as the President
    Fun fact: I live where AMLO was born.

    This is quite true but not at all. 99.5% is in fact Mexicos #1 problem. But there are some people in there who wanted to change everything, obviously with 0% chances of succeding.
    Let me give you an example:
    In my state there were 2 major candidates for next governor:
    Arturo Nuñez (PRD)
    Jesús Alí (PRI)
    As I stated Nuñez won, but why? It wasn't because we was part of PRD, it was because Jesús Alí didn't want to ally with Madradistas and Canabalistas (Old ex-governors from PRI) instead he wanted to purge all this people and take them out of the political scene obviously all this people with all of their "acarriados" went with Nuñez. Why Nuñez? Because Nuñez is an ex-pri who shares the same political ideas with them. Did you know that Nuñez is in fact the godfather of the actual governor's daughter? (which is from the Pri)

    What I'm trying to say here is that if we want to see a REAL change to Mexico, we need it make it from the deep core of the "system" not just a party change.
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    Of course, there's corruption all over the place, in every party. Just gotta weed out those politicians.

    Right now, citizens are taking government offices and tollbooths all over the country.

    The army and federal police are surrounding the Zocalo of Mexico City, where members of the SME (Mexican Electrical Workers) are camping out against the imposition.




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