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  1. Default where do you guys train? (KMS)

    hi kms ers, i was wondering where u guys training since no lhc etc. i was really wondering?

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    KMS has LHC, just no party bonus.

    100 - 110, I stayed at Pirates in Herb Town.
    110 - ~130?, I went to Castle Golems at LHC + daily Papulatus solo(great for Pink & Power Elixers if you don't spend much pots there.).
    ~130 - 14x (I'm currently 14x on Lum) I did daily Papulatus & Zakum solo. with 2x buff coupons from events.

    I did try Fantasy Theme Park for a bit but it didn't really seem that good (KMS's version of Malaysia)

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    This is what I did on my bowmaster in kms, it is not the fastest way, but grinding tends to make me bored. Anyways.

    10-30: some quests, golems
    31-38: Mushroom kingdom quests
    38-50: Kerning mall quests/grinding
    50-70: LPQ
    71-120: For the most part I did magatia pq, Orbis pq, and on rare occasions Lord Pirate PQ. I also used the silent crusade quests to gain some extra exp as well as doing the ellin forest and golden temple quest lines.
    120-160: What I did level to level varied some. I made sure to do silent crusade quests when ever possible since those give large chunks of exp, I also did all of the fantasy theme park quests as well as the ToT quests. Other then that I do all four of the 120+ pqs (Usually drpq and Prison break aka escape pq), Fight papulatus daily, zakum occasionally, and during 2x events monster park.

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    From what I've seen, the Ganapati map in Golden Temple seems amazing to solo when you're at that level.

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    oh it helps a lot, i thought azwan is in that list though and stronghold gotits pt bonus back at when?

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    Stronghold did not get the party bonus back. Aswan got revamped in such a way that it is barely good exp anymore.

    Most people train with Monster Park, Party quests and Themed dungeons as they help a lot during 10-100. After 100, It's just PQing or simply grinding in the well known spots like Neo City and the Temple of Time.

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    According to Max, Official Knights got their party bonus back. Advanced didn't however.

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    i was asking about moe 130+ levels that real game starts cuz 0-120 is same as kms as i see

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    Lost motivation to level so I don't train. Forever level 187 lmao.

    If I were to train it would be the usual, 40 pqs per day, Monster park grind whatever tickets I have, Fortress if there's 2x, Small bosses here and there.

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    10-30 golems

    30-50 CDs

    50-60 robos

    60-70 roids

    70-140 mpq

    140-160 mp

    160-200 stronghold

    I'm simple.



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