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  1. Question Essay about maplestory...

    Well, I am going to do an essay about Maplestory(more specific about the hacks and how they affect the economy in it and things around that) and I need some help finding and looking for information so, if there is anyone that can help me answering the questions below for my field research, it's really appreciated, you can also PM me...
    (sorry if my english it's bad by the way ._.)

    1.- How the economy in maplestory and other games works? How it's regulated?

    2.- What it's nexon doing to fight hackers and how?

    (for these questions if you got a link please post it)

    As a player...

    3.- How the hacks(especially botters) affects you in general? Does it influence you in anyway the neccesity of buying nx or mesos from them for real money?

    4.- Do you spend real money in Maplestory? if so...
    -How much NX/mesos you have buyed and how much real money you have spended on them?(Aprox.)
    -After how much time playing you started buying?(Ex. I started buying NX/mesos after x years playing maple)

    5.- (Refering to to question 2)What do you think about Nexon actions against hackers?

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    hackers, events

    banning 400 obvious botters a month

    deflation, as a bosser, that's bad

    I did, and I have no real estimate
    I started buying after 4 years of maple, stopped 4 months ago or something

    lame and inefficient

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    If you're going to try to use the internet for information wouldn't it just be better to write an essay about Peru's economy. I understand the whole "innovative" feel you think your article is going to have on something that you have an "investment" in. But most of your legwork is going to be from Nexon. Information that you get from the player base isn't intrinsically credible and only will amount to popular opinion which is something you can't base a paper on, unless you were doing a paper about public perception.

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    Well, I can't write the whole point of my essay in english since it's complicated for me to do it whitout errors or confusions, but yeah, I know this and even my teacher know what's my essay going to be about and I already know all the troubles I am going to get, but the thing is that it's not a big deal, it's not like if it was an unniversity work whit a big grade, my teacher is giving me tips and advises also and I have the idea of how I am going to do it, in 7 days I have to present the information I am going to use and part of these it's from the answers I'm reciving from basil, sleepy and here, and it's very usefull actually



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