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    I haven't played in a while, and I haven't really searched for the answer. My character is automatically making a weird face when he walks, and it's creepy. It's some ghost face.

    What's going on here?

    8/31: It has now mysteriously disappeared as of today.
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    Well there is an odd glitch where your character will have a "half blink" face. Your character gets partially stuck in the "blinking" animation, and continues walking.

    Is that what we're talking about?

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    Your helm might have a potential of him making a ghost face.

    Whoops. Double post.

    SS pls?

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    Default Re: Quick quick question

    He'd need to get hit for that.

    I think Aircalibur has it right, it's that half-blink bug we are currently suffering from.

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    It was a normal day until...

    oh my god what's happening

    No one is safe from this menace.

    That's the face, and it's still happening. It's showing up for all of my characters which is pretty funny. Is it an event or something? It's getting irritating.

    I also wish this computer had the scroll lock button.

  6. Default Re: Quick quick question

    Whoaaaa that's so creepy but funny all at once xD

    It might be on your local machine.

  7. Default Re: Quick quick question

    What the pineapple. Like really. I had no idea that was so literal.




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