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  1. Basic0 [GMS] SoaringHonor Solos the Bean! [1080p HD]

    Hey guys, so I posted this video up not too long ago soloing PB on my Dark Knight. I just thought I'd post this here as well and see what you guys think! Any feedback is definitely appreciated.

    Oh, you may need to raise the volume of your speakers; there's apparently some bug with Vegas that lowers the volume on certain parts of a rendered video but appears perfectly fine in Vegas itself. I can't seem to fix it; I've tried everything and I've rendered the video several times in an attempt to fix it.

  2. Default Re: [GMS] SoaringHonor Solos the Bean! [1080p HD]

    That was a great video! I really liked your attention to detail on things like the boss bar and showing us some of your items. I also really liked that it wasn't a flat, "Oh look at me whack this stuff for 20+mins lol." You changed it up, picutre-in-picture'd it, great job :D

    Btws, I thought the audio was fine o.o But it might just be me.

    Oh and wtp, max damage why u so pro D:



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