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    How do Kaiser's wings interact with different cash shop wings? Like the angel wings that go in the mantle slot or the new wings that go in the cape slot?

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    What? Those are different in GMS? In JMS, Cape and Mantle are the same thing.

    Anywho, I'd assume it works just like Demon Slayers, where the wings act more like a cash shop effect, rather than an equipment, so you would have double the wings if you were to wear a pair of wings that were an equip (and effect, for that matter).

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    The older wings (Harmony and Angel) go in a specific mantle slot that I believe is only for cash items. The newer ones go in the cape slot and cover your cape, though. But yeah, I was wondering if it would give both or neither or what. I assume those other wings I see are from the 3 demon pets being used together, which I'm pretty sure doesn't exist in GMS yet? All I know is that I'm not crazy about Kaiser's default wings and I don't want to pick up any cash wings if they're going to conflict with Kaiser's default wings.



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