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  1. Default Lv123 CS lookalikes?

    I see they're in MM now, and some people have obtained 'em. Are they dropping from mobs yet?

  2. Default Re: Lv123 CS lookalikes?

    Too many acronyms.

    MM = Marvel Machine

    To answer your question, I do not know. I just felt like clarification was in order.

  3. Default Re: Lv123 CS lookalikes?

    Reverse psychology took pernicious hold in my brain when I read this :P

    Anyway, if they have started dropping, obviously I'm also interested in which monsters drop 'em!

  4. Default Re: Lv123 CS lookalikes?

    If they drop then they will most likely be listed in the monster book like the first lot were. Unless of course they drop exclusively from mobs that have no card.

  5. Default Re: Lv123 CS lookalikes?

    As far as is known, the only way to obtain them is from Crystal Scales (obsoleted) and Marvel Machine.

    I have a few.

  6. Default Re: Lv123 CS lookalikes?

    I assume so! But my Codex is so very patchy and the scrollbar hates me.

    Damn, blast, etc. Perhaps they'll be added in-game later -- I can only hope! The staves are quite delicious-looking (do they have wand counterparts? Basil says no but Basil said the same of Boleadoras and that was W R O N G)



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