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Thread: NX Allowance

  1. Default NX Allowance

    So I've been thinking about this business plan for a while and I'm fairly confident it would work in Nexon's benefit but I'm curious to see if it holds true when put to the people.

    I believe that if Nexon gave out a monthly allowance of 3 - 5k NX that it would inspire more people to go out and buy NX (as well as just increase general morale.) Though I do believe that in order for this to be successful they'd need to figure out a means of limiting it to a single IP address or something so that people don't just create a dozen accounts. Perhaps give it to people who have 3 characters over 120 (therefore incentivizing leveling, as well.)

    I know for sure everyone would be happy with free NX but do you think it would be enough to make you go out and spend more real money on the game?

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  2. Donator Straight Male
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    Default Re: NX Allowance

    while i'd love it, it's waay too exploitable unfortunately, and anything leveling is useless with lolbamhackers or whatever getting to 120 in a day

  3. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: SaptaZapta
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    Default Re: NX Allowance

    They already give out Maple Points. Just recently we had the BigWig thing. In the past we've had random "thank you" gifts and "we messed up bad" compensations, as well as "log in every day for 5k after a week" events.

    I don't think an allowance would cause people to buy NX, certainly not with real money. The random gifts are good enough for "try it, get hooked" purposes. Knowing an allowance is coming would cause people to save up for whatever they need (and, as you hinted, to figure out ways to scam the system).

    Cash Trading Room, on the other hand...

  4. Default Re: NX Allowance

    People would hoard the NX or find ways to. I don't see this as being feasible.

    I do see giving people 3-5k NX to start out could be profitable for them on new accounts. The free NX gifts they give out to newcomers helps in this fashion anyway, though.

  5. Default Re: NX Allowance

    There's nothing Nexon can do to get money out of me besides selling the fake information I give in the surveys.

  6. Default Re: NX Allowance

    There's really not that much you can do with 3 - 5k a month, realistically. And while in a year that comes out to 36 - 60k (yikes, maybe a bi-monthly allowance, then.) Even if you keep it put away for a few months to save up, it's not like you're suddenly going to have a huge advantage. You can blow that much on cubes without a single decent return.

    As for current NX giveaways: they don't seem to happen very much. They don't even give out Hyper Teleport rocks anymore (which just plain sucks since they're amazing and if the permanent ones weren't $30 or were $30 and account tradeable then I'd buy one. $30 is too much to pay for just one character though.

  7. God of Terrorism Straight Male
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    Default Re: NX Allowance

    I don't know about you, but a lot of people were excited about the hyper teleport rock being permanent. One of the best sales they brought out.

  8. Default Re: NX Allowance

    Which is why, instead of an allowance, they should just fuse our CS inventories together again, and stop trying to be too greedy. Do people still buy NX, and buy new stuff for every new character they make? Sure. Do we all? No, and honestly, the only reason I haven't bought a permanent Hyper Rock, is because I know Mihile is coming, and I love my current Warriors... I simply can not afford 4 rocks, and that's ignoring the fact that I enjoy playing on other characters as well.

    If they did this, I'd easily buy a couple rocks for the couple of accounts I have. 1 per account isn't nearly as bad as 1 per character. This goes for pets as well, they already give us enough reason to buy multiple pets. They all look different enough that they appeal to everyone differently, and some of us have that "gotta have them all" mentality when it comes to Pets/Familiars/Chairs etc. This even extends to clothing, permanent or otherwise, a lot of NX users will simply get bored of their look and want a change, and offering us a reason to change, is what they should be focused on, not trying to force to buy new sets for each character.

    So yeah, instead of an allowance, I think some of us would probably buy more NX if we simply didn't have to choose for which character we buy each separate item for, when in reality, we'll want to be able to use said items on them all.

  9. Default Re: NX Allowance

    I might be inclined to spend more if they credited your account with prepaid or credit instead of maple points. With MTS being gone, maple points are just kind of an awkward pool I can't put towards something bigger.

  10. Water Gay Male
    IGN: Scenarey
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    Default Re: NX Allowance

    Not necessary. And especially not for players w/ 3 chars 120+, who are more than likely already NX users. There are a bunch of systems similar to this already in place, targeting different players (ex: logout gifts, bigwigs, forum/twitter/facebook contests, compensation giveaways, the list goes on...)

  11. Default Re: NX Allowance

    It has WAY too much "Free" in it for Nexon to grasp. I wouldn't mind what most games call a "salary" come into play, similar to Battle of Immortals.

    Then hackers...

  12. Default Re: NX Allowance

    I voted for not really but thats primalty because I no longer will buy NX for the gamebling items. Too much waste with that and I found a way to get quite powerful without having to cube. But I still think some kind of Allowance Would promote sales. Though It should be more like a salary. Something like Log in for X amount of time for X amount of days within A month. Along with some quests so your not just doing nothing while logged on. You could also get reward for milestones such as First character to become 3rd and 4th job. As well as first time as lvl 200. Maybe completing the Luner Dew quests (since it take so dam long and the skills arent that great).

    Basically integrate NX into the game more and in different ways. Like Costume parties were you dress up your character and a GM judges it. and gives a reward NX based and maybe a medal. They could also set up themes for each one if they wanted too. And other little things like that.



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