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  1. Default Shadower Fan Art

    I frequent another Maplestory forum and have a friend there that draws (amazing) fan art on the game.

    I asked him to draw my shadower and he finished it yesterday:


    Posting for him because he doesn't use <3
    Original character/design

    Link to his profile on said forum:

  2. Default Re: Shadower Fan Art

    Knew it was Mesniac when I first saw that shading, he has such an unique way of doing that.
    That looks just lovely. :3

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    Default Re: Shadower Fan Art

    Wow, it's nice to see such a variety of art nowadays.

  4. Default Re: Shadower Fan Art

    The feet are slightly off, but otherwise, HNNNG, adorable.

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    Default Re: Shadower Fan Art

    The cuteness, it kills! He did your character justice.



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