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Thread: WABR Recipe :D

  1. Default WABR Recipe :D

    Got a WABR Recipe from the Ornate Chest. :D :D :D But it vanished after I closed the shop and re-opened it. I guess it only has one stock? o.o

    (I'm taking offers in GAZED, PM me your offer :))

  2. Default Re: WABR Recipe :D

    Awesome! That'll be worth a TON if you sell it. Congratulations!

  3. Default Re: WABR Recipe :D

    Thank you :D I'm so overjoyed because I can actually afford my Empress DBG before the prices go up again (when Heroes get re-released) and the totems before the event ends :D

  4. Default Re: WABR Recipe :D

    Holy crap super jelly!

    You should charge max mesos times 3 xD

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    Default Re: WABR Recipe :D

    I am so jelly.

  6. Default Re: WABR Recipe :D

    Holy crap that's....worth a lot. Like I don't even know, going to assume max mesos several times over. Jesus.

  7. Default Re: WABR Recipe :D

    Jelly about the luck I am, but since they make a character look like a cluster pineapple the jelly level is not as high as it could be.

  8. Default Re: WABR Recipe :D

    6b is pretty low.
    Weren't the first DABR's 10b or something?

  9. Default Re: WABR Recipe :D

    Better start making new characters to contain your mesos. You could possibly fill like 5-10 characters with max mesos.

  10. Default Re: WABR Recipe :D

    O.o I would just use it...

    Am I weird?

  11. Default Re: WABR Recipe :D

    @ the people saying they would make that... good luck with that.

    White Angelic Blessing (White Angelic Blessing Recipe) x1
    - Dark Angelic Blessing x1
    - Superior Abrasive x1
    - Wisdom Crystal x2
    - Confusion Fragment x4
    - Philosopher's Stone x10
    - Primal Essence x1

  12. Default Re: WABR Recipe :D

    yup that's why i'm selling it

    and look at my 300m mesos D: (I can't even afford a fraction of the ingredients)

  13. Default Re: WABR Recipe :D

    Im sure i could eventually get a primal essence after months of farming heartstones/gold flowers, im patient enough.

    But how do you even buy stuff? It always says it is out of stock, even if i come right after midnight.

  14. Default Re: WABR Recipe :D

    It resets not on midnight, but a few hours after the last maintenance ended. (I know exactly what time it resets but I'm not telling ^_^ it's my secret)

  15. Default Re: WABR Recipe :D

    There are plenty Primal Essences in Bera. They might not be cheap but they exist.

  16. Default Re: WABR Recipe :D

    I haven't seen a single one in GAZED in weeks. There have been a few people trying to buy them via smegas and I don't think they've had any luck either.

  17. Default Re: WABR Recipe :D

    I got a 6.5b offer which I think I would accept (buyer seems rather trustable too) :)
    I could buy full empress set and all the totems and be left with around 4b for merchanting :D



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