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Thread: [Magician] Kanna Skill Build

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    I'm not sure why. Once the mobs are in the same spot and there's more than 3, Tengu does significantly higher DPS and the second set of hits is always crits. When there's less than three you should just use Shisen Gyouha (the main attack). But then again, it wouldn't be the first time that people spam the wrong ability.

    Ah, thanks a lot for that.

    Edit: Updated the build.
    I switched Kishin Shouka with Sou Tengu, and then put Soko e Naore after Sou Tengu. I still feel like Sou Tengu is a superior ability, because it does way higher DPS than Soko e Naore when you do not 1-hit. I have no experience with Soko being faster when you do 1-hit. Sunakake Baba was moved to the end of the build because it's completely worthless. I was hoping someone could find a use for it but it seems not.

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    Sunakake Baba is even awful at Pyramid PQ, where you sit in one spot and spam attacks like Baba forces you to, because the cooldown is too long for it.
    Not a very lovable skill. :v

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    It sucks that they wasted a third job skill, but considering how awesome the rest of third job is for Kanna, I cannot say that it detriments the class any.

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    I'm seeing conflicting information in the extractions, where it lists 2-for-1 in Haku Perfected, but 1-for-1 in Foxfire.

    Also, they should just call Kanna the 'Ultimate' mage. I have no room in my quickslots for anything. I'd imagine that Hypers would make it even worse.

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    Yeah they never updated the description of the buffed version. Every two attacks uses one flame on 4th job Foxfire. I don't even think you can see that detailed description that's in the extraction in game since you don't get access to the skill itself, but it might say it in the buff icon, I'm not sure.

    It's definitely 2-for-1 for the fourth job version.

    And yeah, I have to fight for spots on my controller for Kanna myself...If she had to use MP pots too...I don't know what I'd do.

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    Are those names updated to GMS names not JMS?

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    F/ps also have a lack of quick slots problem so i know how you feel

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    They are JMS names.

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    It'd be nice if you could change them to GMS names. thanks in advance.

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    Please read earlier posts in the thread.

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    This is your guide, so I'm in no position to tell you what to do. However, I think you should consider what the target audience is for this guide.

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    Bu-but! The English names are so bad!

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    It's no different than when someone who makes a KMS character guide doesn't change the skill names when GMS gets it.

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    If you believe that others doing the same is a sensible and logical justification for why you're doing it too, then okay. All the more power to you. Just my 2 cents.

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    I don't have any care for why others are doing it, but it doesn't change that they also do it, so I shouldn't be chastised for doing it too.

    It's not that hard to reference skill icons. I've done it for all the guides I've used for characters.

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    I'm not targeting you specifically. It just happens that this was brought up in a thread I'm actually participating in.

    I'm not quite sure what you're trying to achieve by retaining the Romanisations of the Japanese names, but it feels like a trivial and, I dare say, almost elistist reason.

    Perhaps you'd consider making a duplicate of your guide and doing a mass find-replace operation to accommodate for these name changes in GMS?

    If you insist that the guide remain as it is, then I won't pursue the matter any further.

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    I honestly don't see why it matters when the icons are there. It's not hard to reference at all. Maybe I'll change it later, but as of now I don't really feel like it. Plus, chances are someone has copied my guide and changed the names already somewhere else so it doesn't really matter. Probably Basil. I don't go there so I wouldn't know.

    If I need to change the guide for another reason, I'll consider doing it then.

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    It diesn't matter on the guide at page 1 but it matters when people in the thread uses those names and you have to go back to page one to know which skills are they talking about again not saying that you should change it just a reminder at the situation of some peeps.

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    I do agree it's a bit of a hassle to have to alt-tab back and forth to compare icons, and to see what skills people are referring to when discussing them. It's not really hard to switch back into the game to see which skills you're referring to, of course - it's just a little more tedious, that's all. Not a big deal. And I do agree that the Japanese names sound much better than the romanizations. It's not like they gave us a choice when it came to selecting whether we wanted to keep the old names or not, though. :/

    That said, thanks for taking the time to put this guide together! Definitely helped a ton. ^u^

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    Personally, I found Shugyoku no Juin (Soul Shear) extremely useful and maxed it 3rd (after the 10/5 point skills.)

    Maybe it's because I love Meso Explosion so much.
    The skill is just like ME, but it ATTACKS ONLY WHERE MONSTERS ARE! That was the only bad thing about ME, no seeking.
    So it's a high damage mobbing skill that has crazy vertical range and allows you to stay on your current platform. Crazy good. I used it constantly at Jesters.
    The only bad part about this skill imo is the huge MP consumption especially for a class like Kanna.



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