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Thread: [Magician] Kanna Skill Build

  1. Default Kanna Skill Build

    For the same reason ShiKage made a Hayato build (Cause who knows if this will ever come to another version, plus for anyone who wants to play JMS), I've made a Kanna Skill Build.

    It is preliminary, and I'm always for suggestions to change something around, but do try to read my reasonings at the bottom of each advancement's build for why I've set the build the way it is. This is of course based off of my experience, so there's no reason to use it if you do not agree.

    Pre Tempest

    Post Tempest

    Opinions are welcome, as are questions. Feel free to comment.
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  2. Default Re: Kanna Skill Build

    Personal opinions :

    First Job :
    -I'd do Chimyaku Teni before Omyoudou, because LUK isn't entirely needed at that level and the teleport can help a lot more.

    Second Job :
    -6 points into Kujaku Biraki immediately helps a lot more than maxing Enhou Haku first - especially since mobs at that level die much quicker. The increase in attacking speed will help more than some extra damage or extra defense against mobs that have literally no HP and deal no damage.

    -Omni Shoumetsu helps a lot more than Shikigami Enbu and it's only 10 points to max. For an unfunded - or for someone grinding at higher level mobs - the explosive damage helps a TON.

    Third Job :
    -My personal preference is to max Sunakake Baba before Kishin Shoukan. Kishin Shoukan above level 1 is mainly just for increased time, since the maps you'll most likely be grinding at at those levels are flat. The only reason I'd go for Kishin Shoukan first would be to stick it up at an upper platform and kill mobs while I kill on the bottom. However, its damage kind of sucks. xd

    -Soko e Naore? o.o I thought you deemed that absolutely useless. I'd still go with the build I came up with that one day.

    Fourth Job :
    -I'd say Shisen Gyouha - Retsu has more of a priority over your two cool down skills. With the extra damage applied, that's more DPS. I believe JoeTang even said that You Emaki is detrimental to your DPS. 66% -> 150% is a good deal of extra damage. It's even a bigger damage boost than Shoujou Kashu gives.

    Also, I'm willing to bet Haja Rengekifu will be buffed at some point - or Shisen Gyouha will be nerfed - when the JPs start sending Nexon JP the crunched numbers.

  3. Default Re: Kanna Skill Build

    None of my calculations actually consider the damage buff that Retsu's 3rd hit has because I thought it was Lightning element, but now I realise it's neutral. I'm not sure how the damage buff for Retsu actually works though, since the number is lower than Rei's, I'd assume Rei's only applies if the monster gets frozen, and Retsu's is just +damage% on the 3rd strike? Further consolidates the fact that Haja Rengekifu, like Shinsoku Musou is trash.

    I'll re-evaluate this and post the results.
    If Retsu's damage bonus is just a +damage% to the 3rd hit, you need 110% Boss/Total for Haja Rengekifu to be better at Fast (4), and 500% at Fastest (2).

    You Emaki and Koma Koma Sakura are beneficial to DPS if there's more than 1 target.

    For Onmi Shoumetsu, I found it to be rather useless, but I only got to 50. Maybe if you trained somewhere 20+ levels above you, it would be good.

  4. Default Re: Kanna Skill Build

    Retsu's 3rd hit is always a +% damage to it. Right now I do about 100k crits with regular hits and over 115k crits with third hits, it seems to apply to every hit. I don't know if this is the same as it was with Rei, to be honest, because I never ran into many monsters that survived to the third hit in 3rd job. I can test if you want me to, or provide videos.

    Onmi Shoumetsu's decent in at least Sengoku, since there are a lot of mobs where some die quickly and others do not, so the deaths of the lower HP mobs helps you against the higher HP mobs. This is the same when you're fighting in an area where you're low level compared to the mobs as well.

    @First Job: It doesn't seem to really matter, honestly. It's a good point, however even at Level 11 or so I was 1-hitting everything no matter what skill I used. The Extra LUK early on might help you with some fans if you're trying to go LUKless, but that depends, I don't remember how much LUK was required on early fans compared to how much you had.

    @Second Job: That's true for Kajaku. I think I'll switch it.
    Since Teleport is currently broken, Shikigami is extremely useful in the terms of mobility. Granted, I was trying to make the build to reflect as if nothing was broken, so it may get changed on this fact.

    @Third Job: I honestly found no use for Baba, but maybe my gear was helping in that regard. I always killed mobs too quickly and found myself sitting there doing nothing.
    Soko e Naore is third to last only because the other two skills are purely Bossing skills. Neither really have a point pre-bosses, and you usually don't boss until 4th. If you are bossing before 4th, you're generally just leeching, at least in my experience. That's why I have the two bossing skills last even though Soko e Naore is useless in my opinion.

    @Fourth Job: Yeah, I was considering moving Shisen up above the cooldown skills. I didn't remember off hand how much damage it increased the third hit by. Plus at only 15 points it will max faster and be more useful.

    I'll edit the guide later, I gotta head out to work in a few.

  5. Default Re: Kanna Skill Build

    How useful, exactly, is Taima Ryuuseifu? Based on what's on paper, it doesn't seem entirely useful. I mean... I haven't seen it used for binding bosses yet, so I assume it can't do that (I don't remember it ever binding Zakum when you used it). If that's the case, I'd do something like this :


    Edit : Never mind. I see Taima Ryuuseifu activating on the top-right hand of the one video.

  6. Default Re: Kanna Skill Build

    I wouldn't put a single point into Gensei Haku, at Level 120 at least. Actually, I had considered making it a "Save SP" deal, because it nerfs the Counter skill until you can get it back up to three orbs, and that's pretty useful for a defensive skill. Although after buffing it that way myself (Not saving SP), the increases in damage really cannot be ignored (I get like 500 added to my range with every point). Keeping it at 1 point for 10 levels though isn't really worth the tradeoff in defensiveness loss.

    I was considering moving You Emaki to under the other two cooldown skills. My original reasoning for it being the first was that it did the most damage, HOWEVER it's also a 30 point skill, while the other two are first. I will probably change it to Taima Ryuuseifu -> Koma Koma Sakura -> You Emaki.

    I agree with your change to Shisen to after Gensei Haku though, it seems logical considering how much of a boost it gives, and with it only being 15 points it's not really a big deal either.

  7. Default Re: Kanna Skill Build

    Oh. I figured the orange flames would be an additional 3 flames, like how Combo and Advanced Combo work. That... sucks.

  8. Default Re: Kanna Skill Build

    It eventually gets back to 3 flames...but it requires you to get back to Lv.20 on the skill to get all three again. I would say when you hit 2 (at Lv.10 I believe), is fine to put points in if you want to save SP, but certainly not very good to put only one point in at Lv.120.

    I hated that part as well. I was hoping that the flames would increase to 4 or 5 by max, not reset to 1 and work back up to 3.

  9. Default Re: Kanna Skill Build

    What does she say when she uses Koma Koma Sakura?

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    Default Re: Kanna Skill Build

    I guess getting the Leafre card set can easily allow this class to max everything, just like most of the new classes lately.

    Is anyone else starting to think SP guides are becoming redundant? It seems like lately they've all just been: "1 point in mob attack, 1 point in all the passives, max buffs and passives, max mob attack, rest in single target attacks or summons."

  11. Default Re: Kanna Skill Build

    Thanks @Polantaris; !

  12. Default Re: Kanna Skill Build

    I'm not sure. Sadly, I put a point into Haja Rengekifu instead of Koma Koma Sakura when I hit 120 myself, so I don't have it yet (I'll probably put a point into it later, after I max Gensei Haku).

    Considering we just had a conversation about what would be more effective in what order, no.

    No problem!

  13. Default Re: Kanna Skill Build

    Updated the build for Tempest.

  14. Default Re: Kanna Skill Build

    can u help update the skill names for kana? because global already did change the names

  15. Default Re: Kanna Skill Build

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    Default Re: Kanna Skill Build

    Quoting you because for some reason, mentions don't work for me..
    Do we follow pre-tempest or post-tempest?

  17. Default Re: Kanna Skill Build

    Should be Post-Tempest, since GMS is Post-Tempest.

    But I didn't pay insanely close attention to the extraction, if you job advance at 10/30/60/100 like you should (Who knows, this is Nexon, they could mess it up), then you do Post Tempest.

  18. Default Re: Kanna Skill Build

    Messups or not, this is actually quite useful.
    Kanna's one of the characters I want to do my own thing on, but at the same time have some sort of starting point, y'know?
    I never really did that on Angelic Buster or Kaiser, and that's kind of an oopsie for me ;u;.

    But I really appreciate you making it for Post-Tempest, too! It helps a lot, thanks!

  19. Default Re: Kanna Skill Build

    Not a problem at all. Glad people are using it.

    It's not really a mess up anyway, at least on my part. I just never got around to fixing it after Nexon JP fixed their mistakes (I'll probably do it later today).

  20. Default Re: Kanna Skill Build

    Thanks for the build. Here are the 2nd job skill point values we ended up with in GMS:

    Rock Yaksha - 20
    Shikigami Charm - 15
    Haku Reborn - 10
    Radiant Peacock - 10
    Burning Shikigami Haunting - 15
    Nimbus Curse - 20
    Soul Bomb - 5

    For a total of 95 SP, 15 more than in the OP, so if you follow this build you'll end up with everything maxed and 19 Rock Yaksha/Naho Chikou Yore.

    EDIT: Yeah, I obviously missed the post up there. Mistakes happen.



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