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  1. Default [JMS] Kanna vs. Some Bosses (And Fourth Job stuff)

    I recorded some videos of Bossing as Kanna. I'm not exactly perfect with the class yet, and I don't have everything down pat, but otherwise enjoy the videos.

    I find Kanna to be a pretty entertaining class, there's a lot of things you need to watch, she has a lot of skills and most of them have cooldowns, so there's always something going on. To those who do not know, I do not use the Hurricane-type skill because it is way weaker than Gyouha (from what I can tell), which gets a +95% Damage Passive buff from one point in the 4th job buff. That sends it soaring above the other skill and doesn't use Spiritual Power either so it saves it for other skills.

    So far I only did Papalatus and Zakum with the help of ShiKage's Hayato. If I find a Pianus I'll record that too for the sake of it, and if we ever do Horntail, Mori Ranmaru, or any of those other guys and it doesn't take a century I'll record those as well and update this thread.

    Note: Zakum video is still uploading at the time of this post. I had uploaded it last night, but it was broken and needed to be recompiled and reuploaded.

    Zakum Duo with Hayato

    I'll just put all 4th job stuff here for Kanna, as such I'll add the Sengoku Run trying to excessively use Sunakake Baba I made for JoeTang.

    Sengoku, Sunakake Baba usage

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    You'd need max Haja Rengekifu and +20% Boss/Total Damage to beat Shisen Gyouha. It's a gigantic investment of skill points.

    You Emaki is detrimental to single target damage. Youun Shoukan is beneficial, however. Why don't you use Kishin Shoukan though?

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    That's not very hard, considering Demon Slayer's link skill is 10% boss damage and Kanna's is +10% damage - unless you mean excluding her link skill.

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    Default Re: [JMS] Kanna vs. Some Bosses

    I love their skills... Q_Q I love the 5 giant snakes skill.

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    Excluding her skills, so you need another 10% on top of Demon Slayer's, and 30 skill points invested in it. Shoujou Kashu also benefits Shisen Gyouha more because it attacks faster.

    Actually, I just re-evaluated it, placing Shugyoku no Juin as priority cast whenever you have 15 red orbs; i.e. after buffing
    IF orbs > 15, use Shugyoku no Juin if you have the spirit
    ELSE use Haja Rengekifu if you have the spirit (you'll technically only ever run out of spirit by buffing)
    ELSE use Shisen Gyouha if you don't have spirit

    This assumes Shoujou Kashu can generate red orbs as well.

    You need 50% Boss/Total damage to have Haja Rengekifu beat Shisen Gyouha, and if you have Speed Infusion (Fastest (2) speed cap), you need 350% Boss/Total for Haja Rengekifu to win, and I'd assume at this point, you want the superior hits/s from Shisen Gyouha anyways.

    Without Shugyoku no Juin, you only need 20% without SI and 140% with SI, since a significant portion of the damage boost by SI is the generation of red orbs.

    Shugyoku no Juin is a gigantic damage dealer, since it can hit up to 15 times, and it is very fast. Much like ME for Shadowers, it contributes a lot of damage, and since the orbs don't last long, you should try to time it so that whenever 15 are on the field to explode them.

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    That's what I meant, if it was unclear. I wasn't sure if Haja Rengekifu gets better by max, but without maxing it it seems to be pretty useless in comparison to Gyouha. As I am now, 1 Critical hit on Gyouha outmatches all three on Haja Rengekifu, and there's still the other hit to consider per attack, plus the increased damage on the third hit of Gyouha's 4th job buff.

    The only major issue is that it's impossible to tell if you have 15 orbs, since they stack on top of each other and appear in exactly the same location. You can't even try to count the spawning items like you would for Meso Explosion if this were a situation for that skill. I really hope that it's just a bug/mistake that the orbs last barely any time at all. After doing a few Bodyguard Runs, I see that it's extremely difficult to get all 15 hits in with a cast. If I get to a level that I can solo them, I'll record it to show what I mean. Very rarely do the numbers get to the 15 count when I use SnJ.

    From other skills, I'm going to agree on the assumption that Shoujou Kashu can generate red orbs. Every other skill Kanna has can, it would be a little odd if that skill cannot. From what I can tell if you do any set of damage, you automatically have a 40% chance to generate an orb, regardless of source(except DoT).

    Seriously hoping they fix the Kanna bugs in the next patch. I've learned to live with the Teleport one, but having a skill that shows up and does literally nothing is really annoying, especially since it could be a very useful skill to level early.

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    Hoping it's bugged too, the orbs vanish way too quickly. It forces you to use the skill at awkward timing if you want to even use it.

    If you never got confirmation, I put 1 point in it just for fun and it does indeed generate orbs.

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    It's kind of annoying how it shows up, generates orbs, but does NOTHING else currently.

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    Maybe it's just too drunk to aim?



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