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    Default What to expect in a high school?

    It will be my first year in HS on the 27th.

    What should I expect in terms of work involved and/or the types of people in an Oakland, Californian High School? If you don't know, how was your high school experience?

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    LOLopomegranate. I went to high school in Oakland. What school you going to?

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    Stupidity, bullies, and cliques. Enjoy.

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    And I went to school in Richmond. Us 3 will probably be the closest to know what would really go down in the Bay Area.

    Expect lots of Black people. (loljk but really).

    You'll see tons of cliques. Of course, if it wasn't said to you in middle school, "snitches get stitches". That's what was told to me -_-
    I wouldn't let that be intimidating though. If you see something wrong, stand up to it.

    Honestly...just don't do anything stupid, and you'll survive. Make friends, and be the kind of person to hang out with all kinds of people.

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    Default Re: What to expect in a high school?

    I doubt he wants to say over the internets.

    High school was strange. Everyone is trying to find themselves, but some people are definitely more sure of themselves and some will try to take advantage of others. Try to remember that it is only a small part of your life, although at the time it may seem big and very important. High school is important for learning the basics and getting ready for college or higher education, but I'd definitely say that imo, the people are the worst part. I went to high school in NJ, but I can't imagine that everyone is going to be awesome all the time.

    It's still a great time though, lots of friends and a sporadic workload. Some days are worse than others, but if you study and prioritize your time, you will be ok. Good luck.

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    Default Re: What to expect in a high school?

    I don't mind.
    Oakland Tech.

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    One of the cool things about high school, in my experience, was that -- just because there were more people than in middle school -- I was no longer an isolated weirdo, but instead I could hang out with other weirdos. Also, many people seemed to have magically matured over the summer. Aside from the workload (which was worse), on the whole I'd say it was much more fun than my previous school years.

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    Default Re: What to expect in a high school?

    This. A thousand times this. People say high school is supposed to be the best four years of your life. You know what I say? Fuck that. I don't want to scare you, but I sincerely hope you have a more productive four years than I did. I graduated high school in 2004, and I haven't thought about it once since then. High school is a ridiculous, amorphous blob of idiots, morons, tools, dicks, bitches, and everything in between. The absolute worst memories of my life come from 2000-2004. Couple all of that with the fact that I didn't learn shit from any class ever, and you've got my collective feelings about the waste of time that is high school.

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    haha I went to Skyline :P

    Back when I was in HS, I mostly hung out with my friends from middle school.; a nice bunch of people i got along with. Sure the general population will be a bunch of people who are just there because their parents have no choice but to send them there, but if you stick to the AP classes (which I assume you to be doing), you should be able to avoid any of the rabble. You'll also be likely to be put in the general classes every now and then because you'll sometimes not be able to get all the classes you want without conflicts. High schools are generally very safe unless you start pomegranate with people, which I also assume you'll also not be doing. And also assuming you're taking Tech's magical academies, you'll practically be guaranteed to avoid the rabble rousers. Though I would encourage you to be friends with anyone and everyone because you don't ever want to start fights with anyone in school. That's why i was nice to everyone i met even if they were basically the equivalent of internet trolls. You never know when you'll need some back up.

    Sadly most of the people who are the rabble rousers are black and latino/a. They can be pimentos or they can be some of the most fun people to be around. One of the best reasons to be able to go to school in Oakland is the sheer amount of diversity that are in its schools. I've met people from all the colors of the rainbow and they all impacted my life equally (my friends were mostly Asian). You meet some characters in Oakland, but I assume you know that because you went to middle school in Oakland. They are very much the same, except people are "maturing" and aren't as douchey as hormonal middle schoolers are. I must admit I did enjoy watching the fights every now and then. A nice break between classes. Mind your own business and never act like you're better than anyone else (like a lot of middle schoolers tend to think). You are all equals in that school until one of you decides to go off to college and the other decides to do nothing.

    Now for work load, my AP classes were easier than anything i've ever done, but that's mainly because I was really really good at school in High school (I'm TERRIBLE in college ><"). Anything in the Oakland high schools will most likely not help you all that much in college, but if you start learning good study skills, some personal self-reliance, and learning to work with other people, you will be good to go for college. And by studying I mean actually studying your ass off reading and learning for 2 ish hours every night before your test. Not like me when I studied in the few minutes before the test was supposed to start. The workload should be challenging and if you don't feel like you're being challenged enough, then I would ask your teacher about what more you could do. If you had a few of my teachers, they wouldn't be able to do pomegranate because they were too busy attending to the rabble rousers and or were just bad teachers (I had one teacher that came in high every day, i swear to god. Also had another teacher who was chronically tardy every few days). But if you take AP classes, you should be good to go. I would avoid the regular classes as much as possible- the teachers are basically just babysitters there and don't really teach you anything. In those class, I basically wrote at a lower level than I feel I should have been writing and the teachers didn't give any feedback at all. But I also met some of the most motivated people I've ever met in that class.

    I have no personal experience at Tech though. From what I've heard their school tends to separate the "smart" kids and the "not-so-smart" kids through their academy system. I haven't been in high school for almost 4 years now, so most of what i know can be useful, but outdated. All I've got are stories from my brother, who seems to show me that Oakland high schools are turning into complete pomegranateholes that don't promote the learning and gaining of knowledge to the students who want it, but attending to the people who don't want to go to school; who aren't motivated to learn. You just need to survive high school because after that, you'll likely forget any of the people you met there unless you were really close to them from before. I've met some of my best friends from high school and I met some of my favorite teachers ever. Enjoy your time there and take in the experience because this is the last 4 years to enjoy a period of exploring, goofing off, fun and play. They're in no way the best 4 years of your life, but they don't have to be the worst either. After high school, it's a fast 4 years in college where you have to worry about your grades, your repertoire, your field, and what you want to do with your life.

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    High school was pretty much a joke for me. Go to class, listen to the lecture and make a few measly notes to remind me of the lecture later, then regurgitate on the test and you'll be fine. I graduated with a 3.46. I cared more about having fun than GPA.

    College is a whole other beast. I hated college. I love real life though.

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    secondary school was the best 4 years of my life.

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    Try to avoid spending all your time socializing, or all your time on school. When you do just one, they end up both suffering. If you're always with people, then you end up being too involved, and your work suffers. But if you're always doing schoolwork, then your relationships suffer, and you can't focus as well on your work.

    High School is a great time to try out different classes as well- see what you like. College courses are expensive, so trying out different electives is a great option, for learning what you like and saving money.

    But really, just have fun. That's something I wish someone had told me before High School.

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    I agree with this 100%.
    I moved to 3 different highschools (father's in the military) and each time I got to play new kid and never really have any friends. It was honestly the four worst years of my life.

    The best advice I can give you is focus on your studies and get into a great college, where you can meet real human beings and not superficial plantains who apparently's world revolves around judging what you wear, how you look, and the people you hang out with.

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    Default Re: What to expect in a high school?

    Oh come on I go to Cornell and there's still superficial plantains everywhere.

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    Honestly, the sad fact of the matter is that you'll have superficial plantains no matter where in life you go. It's just more obvious with younger people.

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    Default Re: What to expect in a high school?

  17. Default Re: What to expect in a high school?

    I loved my high school, the second half of it anyways!

    I just learned to be myself, find the right friends, and not to take things too seriously...


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    This guy knows his shit. Exactly what I went through.

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    Sincerely, High school is more about learning about yourself and human relationships than any other subjects; it's basically, as described above, years that are mostly spent on memorizing things and vomiting them at tests some months later, when it comes to default school subjects it's not any different from your other school years; some changes here and there, but overall it's the same.

    However, these years are pretty important to your inner self, you shall learn about friendship, tastes, how to deal with idiots; expect a crapload of drama, but also expect some very interesting discoveries, one of them being the course you should select for your later college years; you shall find out your favorite subjects and activities, and start thinking about what you want to do on the rest, or at least for a good part of your life, those thoughts are very important for you to just find out who you truly are.

    Also, as the others have said, don't focus on just one thing, try to balance between hanging out with your friends and your responsibilities and you'll have a good time. :>

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    Default Re: What to expect in a high school?

    Currently a senior in high school. Honestly, it depends on your intelligence, how social you are, and where you go for how well it goes. If you're too smart at a school where the majority is less intelligent, you may be shunned as a sort of nerd. If you are social, know who and who not to hang around. If you go to a school with a "bad" pool of students to pick from, it may not be the best experience. Just try not to stick out too much, unless it's for something "cool" like football or something that the hivemind accepts as a good thing. If you stick out as a nerd of sorts, it could get bad. Best I can say is be yourself, but know if you've gone too far and as mentioned before: don't judge right away are place yourself above someone.

    Personally, I attend, where most of these statements do not apply. In my 3 years here, there has not been one major fight I have heard of, students accept you regardless (until you're an ass to everyone and just piss everyone off), and being a nerd is encouraged due to the school's position in terms of state/national academics and academics required to attend.



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