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  1. Default F'uck this game.

    Seriously. What the flying f'uck... These come FULLY CRAFTED from Golden Furnaces - basically Gachapon boxes. This is so stupid. So much for rare items. ._.

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    Default Re: F'uck this game.

    Hooooly crap, dem stats.

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    Default Re: F'uck this game.

    Nice to see it's not just GMS that will put anything in gach/marvel.

  4. Default Re: F'uck this game.

    Given the rarity of Primal Essences, I don't think I would mind.

  5. Default Re: F'uck this game.

    Precisely why I never buy rare expensive things anymore.

  6. Default Re: F'uck this game.

    I stopped buying things that aren't pots for a reason.

  7. Default Re: F'uck this game.

    So what? WABRs aren't even that great. It's only +4 all stat +2 att compared to DAB.

  8. Default Re: F'uck this game.

    It's the rarity that matters. There was only one person in Keyaki who had the White Angelic Bless ring before this event and he worked his ass off to get it. This is like a major slap in the face, considering people can just throw their money at the game to get something the guy worked for for months.

  9. Default Re: F'uck this game.

    I mean as long as it wasn't you why would it matter? I've done the same thing. This exact thing happens all the time on all kinds of scales. Biggest example is 140 weapons, and i doubt you were complaining very much when you could get a full empress set for your bucc.

  10. Default Re: F'uck this game.

    It matters to me because it does. I don't know why. It just does.

    That example is a bad example, because having to buy the full set with mesos - especially for a person in the foreigner community - is still some pretty hard work. It's not like I got to dodge that hard work by throwing $100 at Nexon's wallet.

  11. Interdimensional Rift Straight Male
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    Default Re: F'uck this game.

    This is clearly part of Nexon's money making strategy. Make a select few pay and/or work their asses off for an item, then release it on a large scale in exchange for a gachapon like event. I hate them.

  12. Default Re: F'uck this game.

    This happens with probably all MMORPGs, hard to obtain items become easily accessible later on while new equips appear, and maple being pay to win you're going to see that even more, is sad but is how Nexon decided to market the game long time ago.

  13. Default Re: F'uck this game.

    ...Welcome to free to play

  14. Default Re: F'uck this game.

    And i thought MapleSEA was nuts for flooding the game with WABRs through their cash events.

    Seems JMS is doing the same nutty things but on a larger scale apart from sea.



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