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    One of the biggest annoyances in MapleStory right now for me is the fact that I can't access ANYTHING on older characters due to this separate cash shop restriction. So, I have a possible solution.

    Any character that has reached the age of 1 year, can share cash shop items with any other character that has reached the age of 1 year.

    Maybe 1 year is pushing it, but the basic idea is solid. Nexon makes most of it's money these days off of cubes and characters. Most people make character in the initial period of when they're released their either continue them, or leave them. All money made is also in that initial period, and everything after that could be considered negligible.

    So, with this in place older Maplers will have some sense of unity across the Cash Shops, and be happy while Nexon isn't hurt at all.

    Nexon, I hope you see this and pass it off to someone for some thought, I'd really like to spend some money on this game but can't justifiy it when I can't even access what I purchase across 2 characters.
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    If we stop buying nx maybe they'll see something's wrong. But that's about as likely as seeing this happen. ._.

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    Non-shareable CS is the #1 reason I decide not to main new classes anymore.

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    they adressed in their interview that they had no plans to do this.

    therefore i avoid buying any new suits that come out.

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    As you said, Nexon's main income today comes from the various cubes and scrolling aids (hammers, shields, wards, etc).
    The cost of a perma pet, with all its gear, and perma hyper rock and safety charm, doesn't even come close to the cost of scrolling and cubing one serious weapon.
    I believe that if people could use their existing pet and other stuff on their new chars, it would encourage them to continue those characters beyond level 70 (or whatever the link skill or special item requires), and get to the point where they want to invest in better gear. As well as 2x cards, nicer hair and face, different clothes, and so on.

    So, by having a single cash shop inventory, Nexon actually stands to make more money, while appearing generous and pleasing its playerbase.

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    They'll never do this. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Nexon decides to close off each regular Explorer's cash shop one day.

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    I've said it before, and I'll say it again.

    If Nexon Japan sees splitting Cash Shop Inventories as a bad business move, why cant Nexon AM?



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