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  1. Default Anyone got Jett books from MMB?

    Ever since Post-Mutiny, I have yet to claim a Jett book from a mystery mastery book.

    Anyone got one from it? And I'm not talking about the special Renegades shop books, I'm talking about REAL mystery mastery books, ones you can get Maple Warrior books from.

    I'm asking because I opened 158 books (yep I counted) and not one single book for Jett, but I got many for ALL classes, including Mihile.

  2. Default Re: Anyone got Jett books from MMB?

    I've gotten a Mighty Meteor 20 from them. But I will echo your sentiment regarding their rarity, 1 in maybe 300. Although some of it might be attributed to tossing out "useless" books; when there are more MW 20/30 and no Jett books whatsoever in the FM, I think something can be said regarding their chances of being revealed.

  3. Default Re: Anyone got Jett books from MMB?

    You can get them from MMB. However no one keeps them because they're next to worthless. You can get those books from the renegades coin shop.



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