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Thread: Secret Quests?

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    Anyone know of any "secret" quests that are out there? By secret I mean they don't show up in quest available normally
    For example before Big Bang at least (idk if it still exists) the water barrel in Nautilus had a chain of quests that didn't show up in your quest log until you already accepted it.
    I'm pretty bored waiting for the semester to start so anything time consuming would be nice
    Assume I've completed every quest that shows up in quest available and haven't done any quest that doesn't

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    Eh. The only "secret" quests that I would consider anymore would be the still-available dropped item quests.

    Such as the Helios Library Storybooks, Lost saddle, etc.

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    There is also a wastebasket in the Nautilus, if you knock it over, you'll get a quest regarding Kyrin's past.

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    Yeah that was the Nautilus quest i was refering to, I guess it was a wastebasket and not a water barrel, regardless I've done that one already :(

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    There are some quests that have been converted to "secret" quests, sort of. For example, if you are of high enough level and you walk into Sleepywood, you will get a pop-up quest to kill drakes. Similarly, if you are of level and you walk through the Path of Time, you will get the springy worm quest. Neither of those are available on your quest list until you walk through the map.

    The other nautilus quest you may be thinking of is the Water Cooler (the one that asks for potions). Previously, it wasn't on the quest list, but now the first one does show up on the list.

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    I don't think the hidden note in the trash can quest is still available though?



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