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Thread: Getting hacked?

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    Cash7 Getting hacked?

    Recently I noticed someone on my email address trying to change my maplestory info.. I don't even play the game anymore but i'm concerned that someone got into my email address. I'm assuming there's a keylogger on my PC, is there a way to find it and remove it somehow? I have avast antivirus but it's mostly useless and doesn't detect anything even when i'm suspicious I have malware

    EDIT: I typed this up in a hurry but i'm looking for a step by step guide on how to clean out my PC.. so I can change all my passwords around freely without worry

  2. Default Re: Getting hacked?

    SuperAntiSpyware works good too.

    Microsoft Security Essentials is good too and is also free.

  3. Default Re: Getting hacked?

    It would be nice to know what e-mail provider you use, gmail for example register the IP adress that access the account, you can check them at the bottom of the e-mail in a link that says details, that way you know if your e-mail was compromised.



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