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    Just give me some time and I'll get videos of each job advancement, with skill demonstrations and explanations, when I get to each of them.

    1st Job

    2nd Job

    3rd Job

    4th Job
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    Video #2 posted. Enjoy.

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    What is the "Weapon" that Haku can equip? Is it just a NX thing?

    EDIT: Huh. He can equip Kanna's fans.

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    Hayato may have been your dream class, but this looks like it's mine...almost enough to reinstall this game, if gMS got it. hah.

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    A third job video has been posted.

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    Kanna makes it actually doubful that these classes could be brought to GMS, and if she does the skill that increases exp and the skill that increases the spawn rate in the map might get those abilities taken away. With the amount of loopholes MS has and the hopeless GMS team that can't do nothing on its own that shet could be abused worse than wild hunters spawn hack... or at least make it easier.

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    Are the circling flames around her a CS effect or is that a skill?

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    That's part of one of the buffs that Haku will cast on Kanna.

    Every flame is a free Counter for damage. He casts it periodically, and it lasts at a maximum of 40 seconds, and at max level (at least in 2nd job) you get 3 orbs at a time.

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    Made some videos from my Streaming of Kanna yesterday.

    First Job:

    Jealousy Rocker fight: (I found this interesting, because it was so quick. It usually takes me over a minute to kill him, and I did it here in like 15 seconds).

    Second Job:

    I would have a Third job video, however I got screwed by TwitchTV, and I cannot make highlights anymore for some reason. Not only that, when I then manually downloaded the video, it only grabbed the first two hours, and as a result my Third Job play is not part of that. I will do one later today if I don't hit Fourth from 2x in a few hours.

    Also, the stupid download of the videos cut off the top and bottom of the screen for some reason. It wasn't that way in the stream. Nothing I can do about it at this point, so sorry, no Level display or anything like that. I can say that the First Job video is about Lv.25, Jealousy Rocker fight is Lv.53, and the Second Job video is around mid to early 60s.


    Third Job:
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