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Thread: NX Katara Cover

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    Is there an NX weapon or transparent katara cover in KMS? If so, which patch or version did it come out?

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    ....Oh god I cant even begin to remember.

    I remember seeing something transparent in KMS that GMS doesnt have...but IDK what.

    I'll go log in for you real quick <<

    In case the price isnt clear enough, its 4k nx.

    I don't know when it came out, but I do remember seeing it before Kaiser came out.

    Side note: I'll go ahead and say that the nova dragons are cute.

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    That's definitely it. It reads "Two Blades" and the orange text says the word "Dual Blade." Thanks a bunch! :)

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    It first appears in extractions in this kMS patch, and of course, its kMST equivalent a bit earlier.

    It's the Warrior Revamp, so around that time, I would assume.

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    Going off of what iAmFear said, right after Mikhail.

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    Thanks again, everyone. Now to patiently wait...



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