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Thread: Parked CPUs

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    I did this as I normally do when I restore my PC in regedit and the CPUs are still parked...

    My PC is an ASUS k53sv-xr1.


    What am I doing wrong? Yes - I did restart my PC.

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    So I saw this and remembered seeing some stuff about parked CPUs shortly after I assembled my new computer. I then gave up on trying to figure out on how to unpark them until I saw this thread and remembered and searched again.

    Came out with this

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    This was fun to read.

    Thanks Jake.

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    why does this get an infraction i also get the same error mod be pineappleing crazy :D

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    I can't read what that says (I think that's the joke but I'm not sure lmao)

    Well, all I know is it worked for me

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    oh no, yeah it worked for me.

    Im running a i7 3770k, it boasts about how it will save energy by idleing unused cores. >> Oh well.



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