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  1. Default Mikhail (mihile)

    Since he gives empress blessing, does this mean you need a cygnus knight aswell if you want blessing on mikhail or will he give it to himself?

  2. Default Re: Mikhail (mihile)

    You would still need a separate Cygnus to give blessing to Mikhail. It does not give itself Blessing.

  3. Default Re: Mikhail (mihile)

    Too bad, was kinda hoping it would work so I dont need to use up 2 slots for blessing if I end up playing mikhail past lvl 120.

  4. Default Re: Mikhail (mihile)

    So what's the stat cap for a level 200 mikhail. 40 blessing?

  5. Default Re: Mikhail (mihile)

    Same as normal Cygnus Knights, 30.

    Also, I'm still deleting my Dawn Warrior for Mikhail. Don't really care for the lack of blessing.

  6. Default Re: Mikhail (mihile)

    So you still have to get to level 200 for the 30 Blessing? Is a 120 Mihile sufficient to equal a 120 CK Blessing?

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    Default Re: Mikhail (mihile)

    120 ck is 24, the extra 6 is from the akarium quest. I havent looked into Mikhail much, but assuming he didnt have the akarium quest, he would reach it at 150

  8. Default Re: Mikhail (mihile)

    Mikhail follows the same guideline as CK
    120 Mikhail = 24 Blessing
    Mikhail can do the Akyrum quests to get to 30.

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    Default Re: Mikhail (mihile)

    Can Mikhail do CK arkarium at 120?

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    Default Re: Mikhail (mihile)

    But can he get it to 30 by just leveling normally?
    Or he MUST do those quest?

  11. Default Re: Mikhail (mihile)

    I don't know the in-depth details. All I know is 120+ is when he gets access to the CK Akyrum questline.

    That, I do not know, sadly. Would be cool, but I have a feeling it won't work.

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    Default Re: Mikhail (mihile)

    Agh, let's hope for th best. I'm looking to get that Mik to 175+

  13. Default Re: Mikhail (mihile)

    Mikhail stops acting like a Cygnus at 120, if you want to get 25-30 Blessing you will have to do Akyrum. However, its super easy for Mikhails because you can overlevel and just face stomp him :)

  14. Default Re: Mikhail (mihile)

    ...Can Mikhails party normal Cygnuses to do the quest?

    If so, lol.

  15. Default Re: Mikhail (mihile)

    I don't see why they wouldn't.

  16. Default Re: Mikhail (mihile)

    Free stained soul things for every Cygnus! yaaay!

  17. Default Re: Mikhail (mihile)

    does this mean mihile is the only class with more than 999/23/4/4 stats at lvl 200? I assume he gets 6 ap's per lvl up at start due to being a cygnus?

  18. Default Re: Mikhail (mihile)

    I'm pretty sure he doesn't get more AP per level because he's Cygnus. I think the only real benefit is the 10% exp given to him for free per level until 120 and the Empress Blessing buff.

  19. Default Re: Mikhail (mihile)

    He should also have the ability to make an ua, get the non miss skill with 24 hour cooldown and 2h duration aswell as having a 2% dmg boost echo at 120 if Im not mistaken.



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