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    Anyone else play these games, and/or picking up this sequel? I played the first one about a year ago and I loved it. The potential for sequels for the series was great, one for each Horseman (as long as they all have the quality of the first, or better).

    Anyways, I pre-ordered Darksiders 2 as soon as I Platinum'd the original. My copy should be here tomorrow or Thursday. I was hoping it would be here today or sooner, but unfortunately I ordered from THQ and that hasn't gone over very well for anyone who did the same.

    The games are like a matured Legend of Zelda, taking place after the Apocalypse and centered around the Four Horsemen. For anyone who hasn't checked out the first game, I highly recommend it.

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    I really liked the first one, but sadly I don't have the time and money for the second one right now (it does look really good though). I'll probably pick it up some other time, and I hope THQ doesn't go bankrupt so they can fund more Darksiders games.

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    Yep, I have that some Edition pre-ordered. I can't wait to prop-up that Death mask on my desk. Here's for hoping my copy comes today!



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