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  1. Default Where do I get a Piece of Ice?

    I need the Piece of Ice for Manji's Old Gladius, but Arwen's quest doesn't seem to have it anymore. Does anyone know where I can get it?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Default Re: Where do I get a Piece of Ice?

    The NPC Mike in sleepywood, and the Monster Book both say Ice Drakes drop it, but I spent a good long time at ice drakes yesterday o.e and didn't find one, so I'm guessing it's much rarer than the other 2 items.

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    Default Re: Where do I get a Piece of Ice?

    Pepe is the only monster that drops it AFAIK. When you press navigation for that quest, it lights up the map with Pepe, so it can be assumed that Pepe does drop it.

    EDIT: I just checked the MapleArchive entry for Piece of Ice. Yes, only Pepe drops it.



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