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    I'm debating if I should scroll my 65% boss Baselard with pink 20%s (7 att) or if I should save money and go for GM Dagger scrolls. The benefit of the GMs is the LUK (having another +30 LUK would be great-ish, and sort of offset the next point), but obviously the 20s give 20 more attack (on a Baselard, anyway).

    The GMs will also be cheaper NX-wise. What do you think? I've got a bunch of Anniversaries saved up currently, waiting for another Ward sale (a real one, not the one currently out...), but not nearly enough to actually scroll. They're still kinda cheap in the server I play and so the meso cost would be pretty minimal.

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    If you have the nx to go all out on it, i'd say go for it.
    Otherwise, to me atleast, GM'd would be good enough

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    Unless I'm missing something, how would one go about buying GM scrolls if they're untradeable?

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    Whacky people sell their GM scrolls as a "service". It's risky, but some folks are trustworthy.

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    Just be careful if you decide to GM it using someone else's service. It's not unheard of for them to scroll it for you then run off with it on the last slot (precisely why I ended up just 50% DFA/ws my last slot).

    Get collateral, as always.

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    Do note the 8 or so attack you'd gain as well by EEing a perfect 20%'d dagger (131 base so 201+att) as opposed to a GM'd one (181+att). If you never plan to replace it go all out.

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    Huh? 5 att is the best you can get out of enhances and both of those daggers would get that.
    Did they change the treshold and bonuses without me noticing or am I misreading you?

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    GM it, 20% + wards are way too expensive =x

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    IIRC with the last sale (5.5k shield wards and 2.8k shield scrolls) and max diligence, it would cost somewhere in the neighborhood of 275k NX just to get 10 pinks on a weapon. Then you add enhancements... if you have the option of GM scrolling, take it - unless you literally have millions of NX in your account or have a pile of protection scrolls somehow, it's not worth it.

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    For say, 12 enhances, the GM'd 181att would gain 4x5 + 5x7 = 55att from those 12 enhances. The 20%'d 201att would get 10x5 + 2x6 = 62att from enhances. Okay so 7 extra att if you 20%, not 8. It's horrific value for money and my standards are a bit skewed but still.

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    If you have lots of funds you should go for the 20%s, but if you don't have as much funds you should save the NX you would use on protection scrolls and use it on cubing or upgrading your other equips.

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    Also don't forget GM dagger scrolls add 3 LUK as well, bringing it closer to a pink scroll than you might think.

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    5 LUK.

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    Thanks for the replies. It's an extremely long term goal and will probably take at least ~6 months of saving a little by little of income to bomb on NX when the next prot/shield event comes out.
    I totally forgot that GM DFAs are untradeable now, so I'd probably go with the 50%s if I don't end up going 20%s. :S

    I'm not in a particularly well known guild (HiddenStreet) and don't really know any people outside the alliance, which is the reason I'd rather not give my Baselard to someone else.



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