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  1. Default Moderation Enforced

    Southperry has always been fairly light on "true" moderation - We tell you what not to do, and then clean up if you do it anyway.

    In light of certain people possessing more ego than common sense and a need to demonstrate how vastly their superiority exceeds the bounds of our rules, that will be changing.

    Henceforth the "bragging" threads such as Dojo Times, Boss Battles, Achievements, and potentially others will be Moderated.

    For those who've only lived in our shining little utopia and have no idea what that means, it means new posts in those thread will go off into a moderator only limbo until a moderator deems them appropriate and releases them to the public, or deletes them. You will receive a notice that your reply is being sent for moderation in the "between" pages notice, and your reply won't become visible in the thread itself until approved.

    We hope to have to do this minimally and regret that it had to come to this. Duplicate threads created to accomplish the same thing as the moderated versions will of course be summarily deleted.

  2. Default Re: Moderation Enforced

    this is stupid

    it's just making more work for the mods for no logical reason
    so what if someone wants to be an idiot. you ban him, we laugh at the fact that he was caught yet again.

    if anything i'd be flattered that they love this site so much.

  3. Default Re: Moderation Enforced

    First reddit, 4chan and now Southperry.
    Every site I'm visiting has been on a power trip lately or increase in moderation that are unnecessary.

    Oh, and this is really dumb. Just saying, it's going to backfire and cause extra workload for absolutely no reason. Southperry isn't some bragging centre where everyone posts their damage 24/7 to need this extra step in moderation, so I don't see the point in it.

  4. Default Re: Moderation Enforced

    Do you seriously somehow think it's less work for them to keep hunting and removing said idiots?

  5. Default Re: Moderation Enforced

    honestly, yes, considering as how predictable their posts are.

  6. Default Re: Moderation Enforced

    Funny, cause them not posting seems to be the easiest answer of all.

  7. Default Re: Moderation Enforced

    i don't really care because my stuff is kind of awful.

    ... ;_;

  8. Default Re: Moderation Enforced

    Does Sushi posting make you that annoyed that you had to do this? I mean, I can't even begin to understand the situation at hand because I've almost never noticed anyone go out of their way to brag except him.

  9. Default Re: Moderation Enforced

    ehh I think its a good idea; it'll keep those threads clean and to the point.

  10. Default Re: Moderation Enforced

    So we should let people do whatever they want and throw all rules out the window because we have no way to enforce them that doesn't bother you?
    Is that what this boils down to?

  11. Default Re: Moderation Enforced

    Yeah I agree. This is kinda stupid.

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    Default Re: Moderation Enforced

    i blame you.

    needless to say, i also find this "unfair" and annoying, the normal members are being annoyed just to weed out a few (what, two? if we count ryality) who keep coming to post, not to mention that in b4h's case he doesn't just come to flame and stuff.

    mods shouldn't be always on the hunt for banned members, but i guess there's not much that can be done about that with the current rules i guess, but having to moderate 5+ threads which are what i'd call "fairly active" from now till infinity sounds incredibly tedious, and if the rule is dropped at some point then we're back to how we were yesterday.

  13. Default Re: Moderation Enforced

    RIP b4h number idon'tevencountanymore

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    Default Re: Moderation Enforced

    I haven't been visiting any of the bragging threads for a while now. Did something of particular importance happen, or are people just making accounts to post about their hacked equips and creating new accounts as they get banned?

  15. Default Re: Moderation Enforced

    It's pretty much the exact same process as reading through those threads today, with the added joy of checking each one off as they pass them by. Hardly a major effort when spread out amongst an entire team who are probably reading most of them anyway several times over in the course of their day.

  16. Default Re: Moderation Enforced

    I just find it sad that one person is causing this to happen for everyone else. It's such an unnecessary extra step that it bugs the hell out of me. I'm not even the only one displeased by this. The kid messages me everytime he gets banned and I tell him what an idiot he is daily. The kid doesn't even do anything really wrong and his first initial ban was almost complete garbage to begin with. The only rule he's probably broken is ban evasion, and I think it was dumb of him to do it sure. This doesn't mean he's throwing all rules out of the window and you know it.

    The only other person I've ever seen do this is Ryality, and he was so much worse with garbage posts, flaming and his huge ego yet when Sushi does it he's suddenly the bad guy throwing all the rules out of the window. If anything I feel sorry for the kid because he keeps coming back to a community that doesn't even respect him. The fact that he has the audacity to make an account just to post without causing much trouble besides the annoyance of ban evasion must be so great to cause this rule to be brought up.

    I think it's sad, but whatever.

  17. Default Re: Moderation Enforced

    Meh, I can honestly care less about this. I rarely goto those threads for it to have a huge enough effect on me.

  18. Default Re: Moderation Enforced

    It is annoying and so is Rya's previous attempts. They keep trying to prove a point where they are more persistent than the moderator's. Obviously they have this insecurity of trying to show off, so I guess the best way to hit them in the nuts is to take that privilege away from them. There's maybe a dozen regular's that go through those types of threads, I really doubt it's going to be as much trouble as people make it out to be.


    Can't you weed out so that older members don't have to go through this process? Like a month? I mean I do see where a lot of people are coming from, there's obviously many regular's who post in those thread's, I think it be much more considerate towards everyone if you simply put a date limit on it.

    I mean in the end they're just going to be bragging and laughing at each other how they "put southperry on the ropes".

  19. Default Re: Moderation Enforced

    I don't mind, I don't go to those threads often anyways. But heaven forbid rules are enforced oh em gee.



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