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  1. Default Nx charging Code: 51

    Can anyone please explain what did I do? I am very confused, I personally never hack or do anything that damage the game before; and yet, when I tried to charge by Paypal, or Survey this error shows up. Can anyone please explain to me what does this error means?


    Due to suspicious activity, you have been restricted from charging NX via this payment method. You can still use alternate payment methods such as PayByCash or prepaid cards. Please contact Customer Support if you need more information.(Code:51)

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    Default Re: Nx charging Code: 51

    The "suspicious activity" they're talking about here is unrelated to hacking or any in-game activities.
    It means they feel you are a high risk for scamming them using credit methods.
    It might not even be related to anything you yourself have ever done, there are whole countries that are "high risk" to them and they just won't let anyone with an IP address from there charge NX via Paypal or Credit Card.

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    Here's the workaround
    1. Download steam, register an account
    2. Download vindictus, register your nexon id with steam
    3. add some money to your steam wallet
    4. Launch vindictus
    5. Click the buy premium slot button
    6. Click recharge nx
    7. Buy nx cash through steams in app purchase system
    8. Laugh in the face of nexon.

  4. Default Re: Nx charging Code: 51

    Hahaha Thanks for the help guys, I decided not to give a cent to Nexon lol $250 for the past 5 years is enough.

  5. Default Re: Nx charging Code: 51

    Does this work beyond the 150 credit limit?

  6. Default Re: Nx charging Code: 51

    Haven't tried it. You can charge a minimum of five dollars, so if you're over 150, try charging five bucks.
    If you can't buy nx with it, buy the binding of isaac, it's pineappleing awesome.

  7. Default Re: Nx charging Code: 51

    hrmm i wasnt at my limit but your method does work. ty so much.
    Since the 150 credit limit is through ultimatepay or watever system that nexon uses; i am pretty sure paying with steam wallet can bypass the 150 limit. I'll update this post when i reach it.

  8. Default Re: Nx charging Code: 51

    Still sucks for the surveys...

  9. Default Re: Nx charging Code: 51

    Steam pay does circumvent the 150 credit limit. =)
    more cubes now



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