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  1. Default IPL San Francisco...

    ... is literally right around the corner from my apartment. Any SP'ers gonna be there?


  2. Default Re: IPL San Francisco...

    You mean the faceoff happening this weekend?

    sorry wrong country

    though my australian sources tell me to watch for team iM

    [00:27:22] <&Thorns> no team in australia
    [00:27:25] <&Thorns> can touch iM
    [00:27:27] <&Thorns> it's not possible
    [00:27:30] <&Thorns> their one weak link was kingpin and he's gone
    [00:27:47] <&Thorns> so when they take it to the international stage i hope theyll do well
    [00:27:49] <%Crux> yeah
    [00:27:56] <%Crux> when are they going international
    [00:28:00] <&Thorns> soon
    [00:28:02] <&Thorns> they're in ipl qualifiers
    [00:28:10] <&Thorns> if they win r1 they play orbit

  3. Default Re: IPL San Francisco...

    Good job TSM!

  4. Default Re: IPL San Francisco...

    I was hopeful based on game 1 of TSM vs oRb that TSM would get kicked to the loser's bracket, but it was not to be. I'm sick of baylife and whatnot - Dyrus is pretty laid back, but I'm not a fan of the whole frathouse thing they've got going for them. Shame about Singapore's food poisoning, hopefully they'll be able to rally in game 2 and beat TSM.

    I will say, however, that I'm really impressed with how XSpecial has been playing. He's had some really good saves/kill secures in situations that otherwise would've gone against his lane.

    Still rooting for Curse though.

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    Curse vs legion game #1. Amazing team fights. So close for curse to turn it around but was just out of reach every time.



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