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    Which one of these are needed?

    1. 120 Medal quest (which includes killing griffey and manon)
    2. Peridot quest

    If both, is there a different way to hunt griffey and manon for cygnus knights than going to the normal map? Do they have the same way of "4th job" as regular adventurers? (special griffey & manon map that drops what they need with 100% rate when they enter normal griffey & manon portal)

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    The Captain Knight medal quest is the prerequisite to the Peridot quest.

    I've heard you can kill the Mystic Gate versions but I've no idea if it's true. Only caveat is you'd have to do Silent Crusade on your CK.

    And yes, the job advance is the same for UA's as regular explorers.

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    I know the job advancments are the same but I was wondering if you could do the medal quest on a CK the same way you do 4th job advancement on an explorer/adventurer now. That would mean I dont have to do either silent crusade or hunt regular manon/griffey because you get sent into a special map when you try to look for one.

    But thanks anyway, gonna test silent crusade when its 120.

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    I did it the regular way, Killing both mano and griff normally. If Silent Crusader works that would be amazing. Then it led me to the Peridot quest which is now only 5, down from 10 I think. Did it 2 days ago. Peridots took me 2 hours o-0 it really sucks.



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