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    I've always wondered this. Would it be better to chaos an Empress equip for weapon attack or to perfect scroll it for primary stat? Two buddies of mine (an i/l and shadower) attest that it's more beneficial to perfect scroll but is this true? And is it even that big of a difference?

    - level 200 with 100%+ primary stat if it matters
    - the full slots unhammered
    - you can't mix up the two options
    - starts from 1 att and chaosed to decent attack (let's say 8 - 9 since that's not too unlikely to obtain)
    - scrolls are either the 20% Renegade ones only or 60% Armor scrolls only

    I'd like to hear other people's reasonings other than just two people lol

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    It depends on the rest of your stats (e.g. your total stat versus your total weapon attack). Personally for my numbers, 3 luk equals roughly 1 weapon attack, but I have a lot of %luk, very little +luk, and a lot of weapon attack. Ideally you want a balance between total stat and weapon attack, since they're multiplicative with each other.

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    If you really want to do this, try to get someone with a pomegranate ton of anniversary scrolls stocked. They should give 7-8 w.att per scroll but they have like 20% chance and blow if you fail. It req a pomegranate ton of nx to use but its still a better way to scroll end game empress weapon than chaosing and then hoping for 6-10 w.att.

  4. Default Re: Chaosing vs. Scrolling

    Crud. I forgot about total weapon attack. I realize balancing between the two is important, but let's say the full Empress set (perfect glove and weapon; 8 to 9 attack on everything else or perfect scrolled) and 24 attack CK Blessing.

    I'm also fine with personal conclusions. More reasonings would be much appreciated (even if you're applying it to yourself only).

    Edit: @Even I'm not in a position to spend that much on wards at the moment unfortunately :( I assumed perfect Empress glove and weapon. My fault for being unclear about that tidbit.

    Trying to keep this question as simple as possible. :|



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