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    Hi all -
    All of my equips are unique and most have reasonable potential lines. My old bow is the only legendary item I have (180 atk, 12% Tot dmg; 9% tot dmg; 20% boss) New bow is 188 atk (1 star) and also unique. I have 3 equips with primary line of 9% dex and I am planning on buying the miracle cube package with 10 free pot locks. After I lock the 9% dex what cube to use after. I am planning on using enlightening to get best possible chance of a good roll. Is this the best strategy? Also if you lock a potential line on a unique item does that prevent the item from going to legendary? What are your cubing stategies for the upcoming avalanche of cube sales/packages?
    All the best

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    You can only use Potential Locks with regular Miracle Cubes, and you can't get to Legendary with those.

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    Potential locks are a complete waste afaik. I'm not gonna even bother with them until they release Legendary versions or something.

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    They're a very viable option when they come in packages like this and they make cubing a little more affordable for people that can't afford to cube everything to Legendary.

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    With a set of 10 locks I got my pants to 18%luk (lucky here, 6all/6lu/6luk), dkhanjar to 15%luk, and got my dagger 30%boss 15% damage. They're actually quite nice for Unique gear.

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    Yeah, I got +12% str onto my epic/unique gear (3 3% all, 1 3% str on epic belt) with a set of 10. I was pretty impressed. It's a lot cheaper than getting everything to uniques anyway. If they were available more cheaply individually then I'd be quite willing to cube for 6% secondary lines rather than try to up the rarity level.

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    Generally what people do with an item is try to get Epic Potential Scroll on it. This saves a lot of money because going RARE --> EPIC can be so random.
    What I do is...
    Epic Potential Scroll on an item, if its a 2L, I will attempt to make it 3L and up its rank using Super Miracle Cubes.
    If its unique and stuck at 2L, I would use a white awakening Stamp. Then back to using Super Miracle Cubes till Legendary. Of course sometimes I hit a nice 18%stat as unique and I'd stop.
    It is important you try to get 3L before it hits legendary. I learned this the hardway

    Note: I am unsure if epic potential scrolls can be traded. IF your item is RARE, you should resort to using regular miracle cubes till it hits epic.

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    Or you could reg pot till you get a 3 line, and then epic pot it for 3L epic o.o
    Lot cheaper than a 20k nx stamp.

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    depends on the item; its not everyday I can find an Empress Cane to regular potential each time

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    Epic pots are untradeable now



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