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    Decided to jump on a pack since they're 1.3k instead of 3k.

    Post what you got o-o.

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    Jesus those pendant of the spirit boxes. what's the "evan wand"?

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    I think the "Evan wand" is the wand NX cover that was released in the Evan package.

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    I'm assuming this:

    I'm curious to know what Oh My Empress is...
    Which I guess is this chair?

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    Are those Pendant of the Spirit boxes tradeable? At 1.3k a pop I might pop a few, it looks okay. Would like to see more details, though!

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    "Can be equipped over any weapon except one-handed sword, one-handed axe, one-handed blunt, dagger, cane, two-handed sword, two-handed axe, two-handed blunt, spear, polearm, bow, crossbow, claw, knuckle, gun, Dual Bowgun, Hand Cannon"
    Right, they kinda passed the point where it's better to list the things it WILL equip over. >_>

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    The boxes aren't, but the pendants you get from them should be.

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    Evan Wand is an actual weapon. Lvl113.

    The Boxes of pendants aren't tradeable but if you open it, the pendants inside are tradeable.

    That's the chair.

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    Hmm... so is this 1.3k a glitch or did Nexon just not label it right? Because I'd be shocked if Nexon actually mispriced a cash shop item.

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    How long do the EXP Pendents last?
    Seem to drop frequently and wouldn't mind having one.



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