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  1. Default A random MapleSTORY - Mercedes

    Well, my English teacher requested me to write an article for the school magazine when I was sitting for my examination. Due to excessively free time I had during the exam (As I feel like screwing up that dam subject), I wrote one based on Mercedes's storyline and her tutorial......
    So, surprisingly, my teacher accepted it ! Joy
    Also, I changed some parts of the original storyline a little to make it... to be.. uh.. more dramatic? yeah that's the word... I guess
    Some settings were changed too... Well, best solution is to treat it as a parody
    Anyway, here ya go

    Beware! Wall of Text!

  2. Default Re: A random MapleSTORY - Mercedes

    Lol I wrote a poem pretty much rewriting random phrases I found on Google, and it got in our magazine. haha ;3

    I wonder if any kids will recognize that story you wrote... I'm gonna try jacking a story from Maple this year! :)

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    ah I see.. I surely guess many kids will recognize it :3
    I was thinking of writing another one based on Phantom because of his wonderful romance with Aria XD
    But seemed like I would sound like overdoing if I submit too many entries

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    Send em anonymously... that's what I did.



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